Gas Giants Demo Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Gas Giants Demo Coverage

Posted on Monday, December 11, 2023 by Matt Shail

Ish Cepeda and the Gas Giants crew rolled HEAVY into SPoT for a demo full of destruction. Tap in to see how it all went down. Don't forget to cop your limited edition SPoT x Gas Giants Tee before they're gone!

video by Jason Malley photos by Josh Bowser



We are gathered here today at SPoT to celebrate this little thing we call skateboarding with the Gas Giants team. Gary Rogers even came through to Emcee the event.
Gas Giants CEO Ish Cepeda is in the house and he brought a squad of about 20 people to skate with us. Thanks for coming Ish!
Ish starts things off with a Front Heel over the Bump to Bar.
John Dilo with a Switch Frontside Flip that would have cleared another bar.
Gary seemed impressed…
The Four Block was a popular spot for the demo. Ish with a Switch V Heel
The vibes were high and everyone was having a great time.
Dakota snuck in a bottle of an old school treat, some good ole MD 20/20
Thomas Dritsas - Fakie Varial Flip
I swear this isn’t the normal size of Noah’s board. Kickflip on the Sk8Mafia mini
Ronnie Kessner Nollie Backside Flip in traffic
Gary sneaks in a quick 50-50 mid Demo. In some Crocs
Blake Switch Tre
The man with no stance, Deein popped in for a quick Switch Front Nose. I think…
Ish - Nollie Crook
Ish backs himself up with a Heelflip Crook
Zion was hyped on it!
Time for the Product Toss. Ish and the Crew brought some serious gear with them.
“Hands in the air…”
This is probably the first time someone threw out Guess Jeans to the crowd in a Product Toss.
Myles gets a fresh pair of New Balance’s to the face.
Media Crew was on site taking in all the action.
Even Zion got behind the lens for a few.
First Lieutenants Omar and Zion reporting for duty.
Before the Meet n Greet the crew snuck in a little 1 on 1.
Deein is a big guy, but Gary has the eye of the tiger.
Gas Giants Athletic League
Brick or nah?
Captain Ish and Gary reporting for autographs.
Blake taking a sec to warm up his autograph hand with some 8 ball.
Check out these custom collab Tees that Gas Giants made just for the demo. So sick!
Cop one, then get it signed by the legends in the building.
Or bring a SPoT deck and have the whole crew sign it. Dilo getting his siggy on there.
Ish always happy to give an autograph.
Pretty sure this is Jax’ first autograph signing. He’s got some work to do…
Blake has been through a few of these in his day.
The kids are alright!
Someone brought Ish’s Tech Deck in to sign.
Noah signing a Deathwish deck. Better get used to this kid.
Zion Effs signing a Converse shoe. Now that’s brand awareness.
Zion Wright signing a Tee.
Last tee means it’s time to team up on the autographs.
This kid got his hat signed. Bass Pro Shops X Gas Giants
And that’s it from the Gas Giants Demo at SPoT. Thanks to Ish and entire crew for coming through. Let’s do it again next year!





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