Clash of the Crews 2024 Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Clash of the Crews 2024 Coverage

Posted on Friday, January 26, 2024 by Matt Shail

Clash of the Crews returned for the 14th time thanks to our friends at Vans! From the Death Race to a hardcore show, this one had it all. Here's a look back at one of the most memorable weekends at SPoT featuring skate shops from all over the East Coast duking it out for some dough!

video by Frank Branca photos by Josh Bowser


PHOTOS: Practice and Death Race

Say hello bros.
kicking off practice with a Back Smith from Brandon McLaurin of Black Sheep Skate Shop
The Fresh Prince of Another Skate Shop, Will Smith, with a switch backside flip over the bump to bar
David Fuentes in the house
So many homies catching up from last year.
Self proclaimed Alex "The Animal" Vestal is charged up and ready for the day.
Yea there’s a contest going on, but some of us still have to work…
Seriously though, get out of the way Sly.
What’s up Southside? Thanks for making the trip.
Kickflip Back Tail from Cameron Schaeffer. Unrelated to the head honcho of SPoT Brian Schaefer
Curaleaf brought a doctor and a basketball hoop. That’s a win win.
As usual our guy Devon is harassing ppl with his camera. Check the videos on Insta.
Dylan Treadwell and the Relief Skate Supply camp on the Course getting some clips.
The people got somethin' to say. Let 'em talk!
Brandon McLaurin was fully immersed in the courtyard hijinx brought upon by Devon and a microphone
Checking in with the Judges and Staff, making sure nobody is gonna cheat today.
One of our classiest graphics. Bong Star of Tampsterdam
“Need Crew, Will Skate”
“Medical cards at a discounted rate?! Sign me up”
Love those Clash coozies
The pool table is always a popular hangout spot.
The Courtyard scene looking chill and the weather was feelin' good too!
Blue Collar Brian making sure that his masculinity is on display
Our Flag Bearer for the Death Race, Matt Shail everyone.
Peter pre-Race pre-Gaming and looking like maybe he is unsure of where he's at.
Jake knows that two hats make you faster.
Gotta limber up before you race to the death.
Gotta limber up before you race to the death.
Paul is a little confused by the rules. “How come no one died?”
No time for mercy in a Death Race. Just gotta keep pushin’
Peter in a tight spot.
“They were set to start off 3 at a time every 30 seconds for the next 3 hours…”
Another tight squeeze
The first corner is deadly
All love in a race to the death
More love
Peter startin off the Semi-Final Race
That first corner taking another victim
And that was pretty much the end of that Race…
This race was a wild one…check the photos for the insanity.
Let's goooo!!
More first corner collisions
Peter cruising thru the finish line to take the W
Frank caught all the action.
Time to pose for a picture Peter
Congrats Peter. Don’t spend it all on one vape.

PHOTOS: Welcome to Town Bowl Jam

Nick Wallace blasting to kick of the Bowl Jam
Give Jake a hand dude.
Blowing minds with this first try Kickflip Rock Fakie
Blunt Mute Grab
Ain’t no fun if the ladies can’t have none - front smith from Taihlulah Waldo from Sunrise of Jacksonville Beach, FL
Nick letting that foot float
The crowd was loving it!
Full House and we ain't talkin' bout the Tanners
Jake full speed Tailslide
Tampa Am 1999 winner Mike Peterson brought The Block Skate Supply and his BS Boneless
Total coverage
Jake picking the Nose
Move Jake, get out the way!
The session was pretty chaotic
Peter flying high
I don’t know how the hell Peter landed this Kickflip Indy
The crowd lost their minds after that one.
But Peter had more moves for the crowd. Like whatever this is…
…and this insane Noseblunt yank in.
Double Heel! Double Heel!
Jake takes the Win and the Check.
Time to toss products, thanks to Vans!
Secure that bag and head to the venue. It's time for the Armageddon Records show!


PHOTOS: Finals and Best Trick

Welcome back to SPoT and Clash of the Crews 2024. Interesting crowd we have here today.
Motor Lobby in the house! Thanks for coming thru fellas
More future patients for Curaleaf
Two time Skater XL Tampa Pro winner Jake Blue doing some video game shit in real life.
Flick 5-0 from Noah Nagaro of the Island Water Sports crew
Cowboy Japop and Ein
Welcome's newest pro Jake Yanko with a gap to Crooked Grind
Crowd Check
Elijah Allred with a filmer in tow
Randy Nugent of The Block Skate Supply with a crook pop out into the bank
followed by a front crook down the hubba
Braydon Santos with a proper Kickflip down the set for Anchor Skate Supply
Atom Blanford also repping Anchor Skate Supply with this Front Blunt
Marco Mota wraps a back big spin down the four block
Braydan backs up Maycon with a Tre flip
Eric Weingart eyes down the competition!
Alex Sclabonyi with a rarely seen Heelflip Front Board
Judges lean over to make sure that Noah Nagaro's back tail is DIALED
Flick Back Lip from Myles Booker repping the Boards for Bros crew
Santiago pinches a crook for the judges. SPoT OG Mike Frazier was up on the stands that day!
Courtyard was packed out all weekend. Curaleaf came through with a mini basketball hoop and our boy Scott was on the grill!
Jake Ilardi and the Compound Crew gearing up to take their run
Jake goes across the center piece with a picture perfect front nosegrind
followed up by a Switch Back Tail
No Comply outta no where!
So it really was her beer that spilled all over the ground...
Nollie Back One from Eric Weingart of Westside
Mikey Premet repping Westside with proper pinch on this Overcrook
Structured flick for Mikey
Jamel switch Crook with style for days for Black Sheep
Brandon is so fun to watch skate. Overcrook
All love from the Black Sheep Crew
Pinched Front Crook
Tampa Timmy was in the building with the Pit Vipers
The audience anxiously awaiting Best Trick to begin
Noah starts off strong with a Flick Front Nose
A deck or two always fall victim to the chaos of Best Trick
Liam holding this Front Blunt all the way
David Langston is a beast. Frontside Flip first T.
The Fresh Prince, Will Smith, with a super Shifty flip
And there was much rejoicing…
Flick Back Tail from Cameron Schaeffer
David Langston back at it again with the perfection. Backside Flip
The Media line up
Say hello!
Lotta Flick Back Tails this weekend
Elijah Allred - Wallie Noseblunt
Did you get the clip Marse?
Frontside Flip from Jake Ilardi to kick off the COTC finals
Marse with a Front blunt POP out
Peter ripped so hard his truck ripped off his board..
“Lemme get a photo!”
Peter you’re going the wrong way!
Tre Flip from Wes Box
Alright Brian, its time to announce the winners!
Line up for Awards boys!
David Langston took home $250 for winning Best Trick!
Southside fought hard and left with 4th overall
Westside came close once again. 3rd place this time around
Compound came so close! 2nd place
SPoT took home a well deserved W
smile boys!
Time to throw out some free shit! Thanks Vans!
Bluetile made us these shirts and we love them for it.
Bluetile can crash in our conference room any time!
Double heel! Double Heel!


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