Old Man Bowl Jam 2024 Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Old Man Bowl Jam 2024 Coverage

Posted on Monday, February 19, 2024 by Matt Shail

The Old Man Bowl Jam is the ultimate showdown for the legends of skateboarding – think Tampa Pro but for the seasoned warriors who need tiger balm to get out of bed in the morning. This bash is reserved for those aged 30+. Expect the beer to be flowing and sizzling BBQ on the sidelines, while Kyle Randall takes over as MC and lays down the gauntlet for the Longest Boardslide Award from behind the mic. Gear up and drop into the SPoT Bowl to prove that you have what it takes to be the Oldest Old Man

video by Jason Malley photos by Josh Bowser



Welcome to the Old Man Bowl Jam, where the knees crack all day and the beards flow like beer. We are gathered here today to bid farewell to the cartilage that is still left between those crusty old joints. Oh look there’s two old guys in their natural habitat. Say hello to Chris Miller (not that one) and Kyle Randall, your organizer and Emcee.
Atlanta legend Jed Davis drove down to fulfill a promise he made last year; so awesome to see you Jed. C’MON TOM!
Jimmy the Greek looking rather nervous…
I want my headshot to have dogs in it too.
Hyped to have Curaleaf in the house with a doctor on site to register patients for medical marijuana cards. Come see them at the next event and get your medicine legally!
Cigar City was serving up ice cold Jai Alai’s. Robin was so excited she even did her nails to match the can.
More cold ones with Chris and Michelle
Ready for that Front Rock photo Mike?
The trophies were looking awesome this year thanks to the Art Department aka Scott Spear who knocked out these hand painted beauties.
Elvin with the classic Sal Flip to Tail.
Oh my god it's Chris Miller!
Rocco hits the lip while Jason gets the clip
Julian with proper Smith Grind
Hi Tyler!
Rey Davila getting inverted
Pete Kelly smacking the tail on this Ollie
Orlando Ramos going around the corner while he grabs the nose
Cheers to another ice cold moment from Jai Alai
Shoutout to Becca for dealing with drunk old guys all night.
It’s Jai Alai time!
back to the old dudes... John May - over the hip 5-0
One of the biggest turnouts we’ve ever had for OMBJ. Look at that crowd!
Fast and Faster. Jimmy and Alex
Mike photogenic floater
Mike again going Alley oop this time
Who’s winning Alex?
This Frontside Flip from Leandro Silva was the icing on the cake that helped him take the W in his division.
I didn’t realize Christian was even in the building for an hour or so. Hey bud!
Crail Booster from Bobby Curnette
Jacob Crailslide over the Hip
Elijah Fleishman - 360 Flip Fakie
Elijah Fleishman - Flick to Footplant
John Whiteman with his signature Axel Stall to Yank
Rocco Smith on the top rope
Jacob put the T in Texas with this Texas plant
Tampa Timmy snuck in to the contest and brought the Ice Cold to Fakie
Alley Oop over the Animal from Bobby
No one saw this Pogo coming. Blew my mind that’s for sure!
Mike is now the Oldest Old Guy at OMBJ. Congratulations?
Jeff Klein won Longest Boardslide Champ for his back board through the corner and then some!
Bobby Curnutte took home Overall Best Trick. The problem is he did so many we just don't know which one! Maybe the gymnast plant?
John Whiteman with Longest Grind and cleanest D3s
Best Trick on the Wall from none other than Rocco
3rd Place 50+ Up goes to Carl Naegele
Congrats, 2nd Place 50+ Up from Orlando Ramos
1st Place 50+ Up goes to the silent killer Jeff Klein
Jacksonville's Jullian Etheridge took home 3rd Place in the 40-49 division
Mike Peterson also hailing from Jacksonville - 2nd Place in 40-49
Leandro with a well deserved 1st Place overall in 40-49
Jacob took home 3rd for the young bucks
SPoT's retail BOSS Rocco almost had it all. But he took home 2nd instead
Congratulations to Bobby Curnutte for 1st overall in the 30-39 division! Now let's go check out Intoxicated and Face First in the venue


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