All Ages Contest Series: Spring Roll 2024 Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

All Ages Contest Series: Spring Roll 2024 Coverage

Posted on Monday, March 18, 2024 by Matt Shail

It's the first All Ages Contest of 2024 and there is a spot in Damn Am on the line for the Sponsored Division. Tap in to see who took the top spot!

video by Jason Malley photos by Josh Bowser



Welcome to the first All Ages Contest of the year, Spring Roll 2024! We got a new flag to celebrate.
The Kid Rain starts off 8 and Under with a Front Board
He followed it up with this 50-50 on the Bump to Rail
He was stoked!
And so were all the homies…
SPoT loves Hendrix!
Big Bruce with a solid Front Board
Another B-slide from Rain
Rocco had a sign for every kid including Ethan
The crowd brought some signs too!
Ethan going Frontside
What an awesome turnout! Thanks parents and skaters.
Ultra Slappy with their usual tent set up, ready for another awesome year.
Matthew Barrios skated his first 9-12 Division and killed it. Front Board thru the kink
Lots of Front Boards in the Pre-Teen Divisions
Boardslide thru the kink from Danicah Sanchez of Miami, FL
Esmerelda Cantell flew in from Puerto Rico to deliver this Front Board
Karis sliding thru the Kink and into 2nd place overall in the Women's Division
Noseslide from Taylor Burnett of the Galactic G camp
Lots of love for Esmerelda’s run
One time for the awesome crowd of parents!
Taylor BnW Flick just for the culture
Speaking of culture, we had some of the crowd producing a music video during the contest. If that’s not proof that we have a good time here, idk what is.
Time for a lunch break with Don Beto’s Tacos and BBQ
Scott is ready for grub time
Heading back inside where we've got some big smiles after Bruce Lagrand of Brasschaat, Belgium was crowned first place in the 8 & Under division.
Congrats Bruce!
Miles Peyton Anderson secured his first W in the 9-12 division. Great job Miles!
Esmeralda held it down for the ladies division.
The local Nick Fry secured his first ever All Ages Contest win in the 13-15 Division. Congrats Nick!
Smith Grind at the buzzer from Wyatt Bingham of the 16-29 Division.
I almost got hit shooting this Back Smith because I thought he was gonna do a Front Feeble for some reason…Gotta sharp out there.
Nick Fry putting down a structured back tail along with a solid run to take home First Place in 13-15
Switch Boardslide from former SPoT employee Jacob Krajewski!
Rocco rocking 30 and Up with an adult sized Back Smith from the QP
Nicely done adults
Another little breather before the Sponsored Division starts. Hey Tiff and Timmy!
Jason replaces the camera he’s usually holding with a Taco
Elvin cooling down after 30+ Up with an ice cold Jai Alai
Back Tail from Gareth Redway of Coconut Creek, FL
Marcellino was delivering this Tre flip to bolts over the bank to bank every time!
Marcellino again with a Snappy Nollie 180
Heelflip from Ricky Reis
Frederik Front Freeble errr Feeble
Frederick with a Flick Back Lip to cap off his Jam
Back Tail for the judges from SPoT team rider Gabi
another Back Tail from Gareth Redway - down the gap to rail this time around.
picture perfect Nollie Back 180 from Rick Reis
The Lord’s view of Romello’s Back Tail
I ran across the Course to shoot this Kickflip Boardslide because look at that grip!
Bigspin Front Board
Nick Taylor with a Front Blunt
Back Smith Back 180 from SPoT team rider Myles Booker
Flick Front Board from Myles
Myles has this Gap Back Lip every try
Backside Flip over the Bump to Bar from Maycon
All love from the Sponsored Division skaters
Switch Heel from Sergio making his way into the Sponsored Division Finals
Front Hurricane back to Forward for the win in the Sponsored Division
Throw some product before announcing Winners!
Okay ask and you shall receive…
Brandon Delgado took 1st overall in 16-29
Sergio has qualified for Damn Am 2024!
Congrats Sergio!
The judges love him!
This isn't a Pepsi commercial, but it sure looks like one!
Shout out to da boys!
That's either a tiny skateboard or some really big people. We will never know!
Minor product placement from Elvin. We love Jai Alai!
Rewinding to earlier when Elvin stole this 12 pack
This kickflip from Rocco secured him 1st overall in the 30 & up division. He's way too good, we are making him skate sponsored next time ya geezer!
Congrats Rocco!
After the contest we invited Lychee Camp, The Don’t Belongs and Pilot Jones to perform in the Venue. It was a super sick evening after our first All Ages Contest of the year, scroll thru for all the photos! Thanks again to everyone who made it out to Spring Roll 2024, see you at the next contest.
Good night everyone!


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