Curaleaf - 420 Cash for Tricks at SPoT Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Curaleaf - 420 Cash for Tricks at SPoT Coverage

Posted on Tuesday, April 30, 2024 by Matt Shail

Curaleaf took over at Skatepark of Tampa for the day and brought a stack of cash along for the ride. Here's how it all went down!

video by Jason Malley photos by Josh Bowser



Infinity Reflections was in the house shooting 360 video during the event. They always bring fun energy to our events!
Open this cooler at your own risk…Just kidding! Check out ‘Jams’ edibles on your next trip to the Curaleaf dispensary; they have the goods.
Peter was here with the Toasty Bros getting well, toasty… Thanks for keeping us fed and happy.
“So you’re telling me I can get free delivery from Curaleaf today?” That’s right! Curaleaf hooked up free delivery to SPoT during the event.
Canna Care was on site getting people signed up for their medical cannabis cards.
Where’d you get the camera Emma?
Markus setting off the Cash 4 Tricks portion of the day with a Front Blunt down the Hubba
Dueling filmers Clyde and Matt
SPoT team rider Gabi with a flick front board
Nollie Crook from Kiegan Reilly down the concrete hubba
Kiegan back again with a Kickflip 5-0
look at that line up for Cash for Tricks. These kids want the dough!
Lakeland native and SPoT local Jake Malick is skating again and hyping up the session with a Back Overcrook
Back Smith from Santiago
Front Blunt down the a-frame for some CASH
Santi again with a Crook to backlip like it's an Am contest in 2005
Self proclaimed Skate God 69, aka Fernando, with an Inward Heel to Lipslide
That’s worth a few bills!
Zadrien Elston with an elusive Front Feeble to Fakie
Who wants a fiver?
Switch heel from our friend Leo Lee from China!!
Front Heel from Markus to show everyone what time it is
SPoT team rider, Myles Booker, with a Back Suski Grind
Santi won a few bucks for this Kickflip Back Lip
Back Blunt. This man should’ve won Most Blunted of the Day
Markus was killing it all day - Kickflip Crook
Sometimes you just gotta get rid of those singles taking up space in your wallet, ya know?
Nick Fry came up on some spare change.
Zadrien won a Vaporizer for doing a Benihana. Those words have probably never been combined in a sentence before and probably never should again.
Emma from Curaleaf had these sick boards made just to give out at our events. Thanks for everything Emma!
Time for the “High” Ollie Contest. This dude won Steeziest Ollie, probably not on this try though…
Markus Up and Over without a sweat, taking all the money from these kids, dropping buckets in the bucket hat
That’s better! Pretty steezy if I do say so myself.
This guy had good steeze too. He's got some Luan steeze in this photo
Markus came home with a grip of cash and prizes at the end of the day.
There was a Dunk Tank?!
Perfect on a toasty day like 4/20
Time to grub with the Toasty Bros. The food was sooo good fellas!
Mante chopping it up for the Bros.
We also had K Splitz on site selling artisan ice cream for those of us suffering from the munchies.
Sebastian signed a few decks to give away. Good to see you dude!
Been a long day…Time to roast one. Lemme hit that Elvin! Thanks to everyone for coming and celebrating the holiday with us!


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