Far'n High 2024 Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Far'n High 2024 Coverage

Posted on Thursday, May 9, 2024 by Matt Shail

The SPoT media wrecking crew returns to Paris, on a very short vacation, to showcase the 16th annual Far'n High

video by Sk8Wine
photos by Matt Shail



You're fresh off the plane from America and you've landed in Paris. What's the first thing you are going to see? Paul Zitzer announcing the Flippy Trick Challenge to kick off the 16th annual Far'n High!
Paul likes what he sees!
Lil frontside flip to kick things off
You know when a photo is a front three because the skater is twisted in the weirdest way.
This is what an inward heelflip looks like in a picture
dealin' and switch heelin'
Switch ollie fully tweaked by Adrien Bulard for the culture
Mika Moller serves up a classic with this kickflip over the trash can
Mika backs himself up with a BS Flip
Traveling does a number on the body. It'll have you resting on concrete
This front side flip from one of our judges, Alex Mizurov, sealed the deal on the Flippy Trick challenge!
Lars and Mathias made it over from The Netherlands to hang with us!
The results are in, and you are getting cash Alex
Time to head over to the world's longest flatbar. I am not sure if it actually is the longest flatbar in the world, by Guiness Book standards, but it is the longest one I've ever seen
Spotted a SPoT sticker I put there last year.
I also spotted this sticker and if you didn't know, now you know
This is actually The Wall that Pink Floyd used to talk about
Mr. Kroon went for the longest back lip award. He didn't get it, but I love this photo. Shout out to my boy Ben on the other side of the wall getting those high up angles.
Fully immersed in skateboarding - not a phone in sight.
Julian Agilardi showed up dripped down in Disorder gear from head to two. New teammate Domo Walker following closely behind to keep this kid in line!
Alexander Pouillot was our co-host of the weekend alongside Paul. He spoke excellent English, however, his accent was so heavy I could not understand him because my brain would not allow me to. Big ups my dude!
Julian did a 50-50 roller coaster ride first T
Domo did a 5-0 to up the ante
This dude did a crook to fakie over this entire thing. I still don't know his name, maybe he came from the woods or something. It was beautiful
50-50 kickflip out from Dominick off the top of the roller coaster
Not the Benihana!!!
The hump got moved to the middle and Mr. Walker closed it out with a front 5-0 up, down, across, ....left, right, left, triangle, down, L1, R1...now he has unlimited ammo in GTA 3 on PS2


It's Qualifiers Day and these dudes are READY.
Skateboarders interpretation of the Air Jordan logo or Mika doing a fakie Tre on the hip? You decide
It's not even noon and Kilian is out here doing switch heel fatty to flatty
Mika takes it to the wall with a front smith pop back in to the bank
The cameras were out to catch that one!
Julian had this back heel over the hip all day. One of my favorite tricks!
Max Berguin made the journey out to Far'n High and down the length of this rail with a front 5-0
Rodrigo Leal is a familiar face that has been competing in SPoT events for years. For some context - we were at etnies Goofy vs Regular in 2007 and he was skating with us!
This is the best photo I've ever shot of a switch big heel
Did you know the kahuna at SPoT is named after Alex Decunha? Well.. it's not, but here is Alex doing a 20 foot long back nose slide and kickflipping out
Mauro Iglesias put on a show and qualified first overall on the day which advanced him straight to the Far'n High Finals! Front 3 on the hip from the man
Mauro held on to this crook nollie flip out like it was his job!
Nollie crook
Ran into our Peruvian friend Angelo Caro and his girlfriend out in the courtyard. What's up Angelo!
I don't know how to take a good photo of a nose grind big spin on a tiny quarter pipe, but I promise that is what happened here.
DJ Neff One was in the building and he was taking requests via Instagram DM. How's that for service!
Always loved this angle for a back overcrook!
Boo Johnson was in the building! Front tail heel flip out mid run
Jordan Maxham and the Dabble crew also pulled up. Be on the lookout for their coverage of the event
Back outside we've got kids putting other kids into the ground
There is not internet at this event so the live stream is an actual live feed from one camera inside. Far'n High is in the middle of nowhere and they keep it that way!!
We had a Chase Webb appearance. He has these front nose blunts fully locked in every time he threw them down!
Switch big spin right after the catch. Lookin' saucy!
He took over at the long flatbar and also took over inside. Domo with a flick front 50 to make it to semi-finals
These next two photos feel like they're straight out of darkroom from the 90s. Colors were hitting just right at this very moment. Switch back 180 from Kilian
Ending the day with this switch ollie over the rail from Kilian. Good night!!


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