Ali Boulala Update Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Ali Boulala Update

Posted on Wednesday, April 18, 2007 by Rob

Someone posted this on the SPoT myspace page about Ali.


OK, I translated this quickly... it's in the swedish newspapers, one that came out 5 days ago, and the other 2 days ago...

The health of the swedish skat-star is improving (Aftonbladet, swedish newspaper)

Seriously injured in a motocycle accident, he is now out of coma.

- He moves a little, and he begins to understand more and more, said his father to Aftonbladet.

Hospitalized with severe head injuries, his conditiion is now improving. He woke up, he moves a little and starts to understand what happened.

"He is in the rehabilitation department" says his father Noui Boulala. The hospital labels his case as "stablized".

More infos in Expressen, another swedish newspaper :

His brother Omar stayed at his side everyday, in Melbourne.

"It's a miracle. He is a little bit groggy, but it seems like he's gonna be unharmed" is what he told Expressen.

"The perspectives are quite positive. Now it's OK, he is awake and he talks. His muscles have melted because he has been laying down for a month, and he is still groggy, but he is clearer everyday" says his brother Omar.

Question : Does he remember the accident ?

"He doesn't remember anything of the accident. He asks what he is doing here"

Omar Boulala thinks that his brother will be able to skateboard again.

"He'll be back sooner then we think"

Even though the 2 skaters weren't wearing helmets, the swedish skater avoids lawsuits in Australia.

"Shane's parents don't press charges. They just wish Ali a quick recovery" said Omar.

"It's the best hospital facility I've seen in my life - they are warm and open.


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