Make-A-Wish 2007 Friday in Houston Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Make-A-Wish 2007 Friday in Houston

Posted on Saturday, November 3, 2007 by Rob

This bump to nothing is right around the corner from the Park. Lehman has a pop shuv to grass stick on it
Porpe was doing early grabs like a child so I told him to try an early grab nollie. He nearly flipped himself
We upgraded our car and are rolling gangster in a Chrysler 300. Check Lehman's andrect off that thing
Next stop was the Easy Seven ditch. Porpe has a back smith stall on the crazy block
Chris Lehman pivots to fakie in the Easy Seven ditch in Houston
Chris Lehman - nosegrab back d on the crazy block
Chris Lehman - body jar on the crazy block
Every time the camera comes out, Porpe folds himself. Check the leg tweak
Now we're in downtown Houston just skating around and finding spots everywhere. Lehman has a carve over the valve on the tranny building before the one minute is up where you get kicked out
While skating around, we ran into Jereme Rogers and PL Ladd playing a game of skate while Brian Wenning watched. Crazy
You got this sidewalk gap? No one in our crew did
Now we're at the Tranqility rail which is looking pretty beat up and chunky these days. Porpe has a frontside moustache slide on it
Rob Meronek - caveman boardslide. That's part of the standard old guy back of tricks along with no complys and tranny slashing
A little bit later, Kyle Walker from Oklahoma showed up. He made it to the Finals in Damn Am last week. You'll see him in Tampa Am, also
Who dat? This kid took a beating for this overcrook
They like their fountains in Houston. They're everywhere. This one is near the Tranquility rail
Clem and Lehman - drop in like it's hot
We played a giant game of chess. That's Lehman kickflip checkmate
They carefully decorate the trees in lights
After a long day of skating, it's now time for a long night of holding the bar down. We're now at the Habitat premiere and everyone is showcasing their moustaches. That's Porpe, Lanny, Lehman, and The Nuge that all need a shave. The Habitat video was great. Silas - wow
Manny Santiago and Filmer Sara. Filmer Sara, please put the tu tu back on
This Ryan Dewitt imposter threw a long list of people out of the bar for underage drinking
That's a foot fetish with the Copehnagen crew - Camilla and Simon. They're here to promote for next year's Copenhagen Pro
So, dude, like, yeah dude, so like, uh, yeah like such an epic room number, dude. Duuuuudeeeee


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