Go Skateboarding Day


June 21, 2022

On June 21st each year skateboarders around the globe blow off their regular obligations and just go Skateboarding. While a lot of us do this everyday, this day in particular is set aside for it and celebrated. Join SPoT and Westside Skateshop around Tampa Bay and Go Skateboarding!



Long Ollie Contest:
Two kicker ramps will be set up facing eachother with a gap in the middle. Each skater will get one try to ollie the gap and if you do not roll away you will be eliminated. The gap will increase after each round of attempts. Whoever ollies the longest gap will win the Cash purse.

Cash for Tricks:
Contestants will skate in a 30-minute Open Jam. Try your best tricks on the selected obstacle. Skater will earn cash on the spot for landing difficult or impressive tricks. The jam goes on until there is no money left to give out.


Schedule TBD


Thanks to the Skatepark of Tampa, Boards for Bros and Westside Skateshop for making this possible

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