Shane O'Niell - switch flip back lip | Skatepark of Tampa Photo

Shane O'Niell - switch flip back lip

Sequences from Maloof Money Cup NYC 2010
Shane O'Niell - thank you for bringing the house down with this amazing switch flip back lip at Maloof Money Cup. At the first Maloof Money Cup, the last section with the big carcass toss stuff counted for a much larger percentage of your score. People complained. So, on this one, all parts of the course counted equal. People complained. So what did we learn from all this? That people complain. It will never go away, especially with what's at stake. It's good that people complain - all of our opinions count and it's part of what keeps skateboarding what it is. With all sections being equal value, I personally like that we all get to see the style of people like Brian Anderson and Eric Koston combined with skating from the parachute jumpers and pole dancers. You can discuss on the Thrasher site.
Shane O'Niell - switch flip back lip


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