A Ride on The Albatross

Posted on Monday, July 21, 2008 by Ryan

Words by Ryan Clements
Photos and Captions by Angel Carela

We met up with Ryan King from Red Bull at the Peter O. Knight Airport on Davis Island for our plane ride
Here's the big-winged Red Bull can that was about to fly us around the Bay
Check out the nose on this thing. You could sit right in there and just enjoy the view. I sure wouldn't mind joining "the club" in there
Jorpe and Clem with the noise canceling headphones that kept us all from going deaf from the sound of the propellers at take off
On board, The Body found this magazine called "Elite: The Private Jet Lifestyle Magazine"
Aerial view of Ft. Desoto Park
After we were off the ground, the two hatches in the back were opened. Ryan and Barak were one of the first ones to check out the view
Wanna' know how it feels to stick your head out of a moving plane? Well, just ask The Body and Jorpe
Clem looks even uglier than usual in this pic
A few times the plane made these quick turns in which it tilted to the side. Red Bull Ryan is about to fall out!
You generally don't get an opportunity to shoot a picture like this. Barak enjoying the wind
Here's a view of the Skyway Bridge that not very many people get to see
Body and I crawled our way to the nose of the plane. By far, the best seat in the house
This is a view of what I think is Tierra Verde...amazing
A lifestyle photo in front of the plane. Thanks to Sarah and Ryan from Red Bull for hooking us up with the ride
It was after 5pm and we got a somewhat frantic phone call from Red Bull Sarah. She asked, "What are you doing right now?" I replied, "We're actually working on our skit for Flugtag." She said that if we got the crew down to the airport on Davis Island in 15-minutes that we could get a ride on The Albatross, Red Bull's seaplane. It was in town to garner some additional hype for the Flugtag. Five-minutes later we were in the Clem-350 on our way.

I've been on a TON of plane rides, but this is one for the memory banks. The flight took us south down the coast of Tampa Bay, then we headed west over the Skyway. That was the most amazing view of that bridge imaginable. From there we headed north up the Gulf Coast, past The Don Cesar, and all the way up to Clearwater, flying about 50 - 100ft. above the water. Then it was time for a 180 and we headed back the exact way we came. It was an impulsive trip that left us with epic memories. Thanks, Sarah!

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