The Munny Art Show and Cigar City Tattoo Convention

Posted on Monday, March 1, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

I stopped by The Bricks to see how construction was going and found these two in tool belts - Brian and Glen Schaefer. Glen's had 80's hair since before the 80's.

Shay is the resident expert carpenter.

We've got a long way to go.

Doesn't look like we'll be open by Tampa Pro, but soon after that.

The Bricks will come alive soon.

Clay from Atomic Tattoos is hosting the Cigar City Tattoo Convention this weekend in Ybor.

Artists from all over the country are here showing their work.

Inked up slip ons is the closest I'll get.

There were lots of people getting work done. That looks like it might hurt on the skull.

It's in the Cuban Club in Ybor City.

Change that croc to a killer whale and you've got a real Florida tattoo.

Stan and Lance Conklin are out here from San Diego for the Convention.

Seriously heavily armed security.

SPoT OG Milford was out here with Lance, too.

I'm at the Munny Art Show Now. Stalker Munny and Alex Bowers greet me at the door.

Dan Lasata and Barak Wiser on blurry BGP's. I'm rolling with no flash tonight so it's a shallow field of view. Actually, haven't used my flash once since getting this camera that sees in the dark.

DP and Porpe.

Blenda, thanks for the jams.

A few pieces from the Show.

A few pieces from the Show.

A few pieces from the Show.

A few pieces from the Show.

A few pieces from the Show.

A few pieces from the Show.

A few pieces from the Show.

A few pieces from the Show.

These two ran the 5k Gasparilla race today. I joined in for the sole purpose of trying to beat Schaefer. Alex Bibiloni ran it in 27 minutes, one second. Schaefer did it in 25 minutes, 25 seconds. Towards the finish line, I was sure I was ahead of Schaefer, but he got there a few seconds prior. I ended up at 25 minutes, 41 seconds.

Levi lost the dreads.

Thanks for the Red Bull, Berentzen, and Asahi.

Levi's got a great looking backside ollie. That's one thing I never learned on those curved survaces.

The FSEC needs to start their own company together.

The editor of Frontside Grind Magazine always gets a cover when going to the bowl. This time it's Kory Aulbury, another FSEC member.

I used Wizard Smoke's beard to set my white balance.

Most people want to move to California. Robbie and his forehead are staying right here.

Here are all the awards given out at the Show:

Urban Outfitters
  • Best in Show – P$YNNER for Vincent Van Gogh Munny
Skatepark Prize Packs
  • SPoT Top Choice Award – Ellen Ault for Crafty Girl Munny
  • Most Artistic – Michelle Sawyer for Sloth from the Goonies Munny
  • Most Creative – Dorian Angello for Bunny Pajamas Munny
  • Best Transformation – Tina Smith for Tree and Ember Fairy Munny
  • Best Original Idea - Chris Rosenbaum for Ole Dirty Bastard Munny
Chipotle Artists Choice Prize Packs
  • Vickie Bast – Mad Hatter Munny
  • Angelo Gines – Ninja Warrior Monkey Munny
  • RJ Runas – Thor and Odin Munny
  • Nelani Palomino – Monkey Madness Munny
  • Gary Brickel – Day of the Dead Munny and Munny Mobile

Did you see the 5-0 360 flip out Jereme Knibbs did?

The Snack Bar at Skatepark is the first job to many young people. Mine was very similar. Welcome to the Snack Bar staff, Brooks.

There's a special department within the FSEC made up of Clem's former assistants. That guy there on the right, Afro Jim, is one of them. He and Justin worked the door. Happy Birthday, Justin.

Jess and Chris Deacon. Check out Chris' work at

"-bw" on the @SPoTTampa Twitter page is Barak Wiser.

Mike Goodwine and Pat Stiener. That sweatshirt means you think the world is flat or something, right? Check out Josh's new website at

The scene at the Frontside Grind Magazine photo shoot. If you were here, thanks for coming. See you next time and keep it coping level, brah.

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