Warped Tour 2010

Posted on Tuesday, August 24, 2010 by Stalker

By Stalker Steve

Another hot summer, another Warped Tour stop in neighboring city, St. Petersburg. The Park has made it a tradition to attend the Bay Area stop of the Warped Tour to cause trouble and hand out free stuff, but I've shot last year's and this year's. Rob must be over it...or traveling at lot.

Last year we rolled out and blasted almost everyone unaware enough to walk past our unruly booth with water balloons and a stream from a water gun. This year the mini-ramp was moved to the front of the arena, so we were also moved. This was okay, aside from not being on the water, and not being able to get girls to box each other. All good, we just brought out the kissing booth.

Also, lots more people were walking by us after first coming in. Maybe their first sensation at Warped Tour shouldn't be us blasting them with water. We also got into a couple confrontations with vendors who accidentally (for real, it was an accident) got hit with some water and had a hissy fit. Coming over to our tent, seeing several full-sized adults, and confronting little guys like Jereme Knibbs and Alejandro Burnell? You're really putting your foot down, geek.

Despite our rowdy behavior, we didn't get kicked out! I think this is two years in a row. Let's go for a three-peat!

I could go on, but I think the photos tell the story. Thanks for letting us behave like immature kids again for a day, Vans. See you next year. Also, if you can get less whiny, screaming bands full of dudes with light voices that would be really, really great. Thanks.

Our posse. Maybe this is why the upset vendors didn't try to fight the little kids.
Our cooler at 7:10am.
This girl swore she was 18, but told us "I forgot my ID in my car." I don't buy it.
Rick Ross was working security.
Jacob Krajewski - barefoot sweeper.
Skater Profile: Jacob Krajewski
Alejandro's mom is a trouble maker just like him. She and Alejandro killed it all day.
Alejandro Burnell wetting down some scene kids.
Skater Profile: Alejandro Burnell
These were the vendors who got hurt feelings after being hit by water balloons. Toughen up. Security told us to stop with the water works after this.
John Montesi didn't cause any trouble, he just skated.
Skater Profile: John Montesi
Tony Reddington from FTK was out shooting photos, too.
Scott Dray loves hot dogs.
Skater Profile: Scott Dray
Since it's raining, let's squirt mustard and ketchup all over people. Scott Dray let it rip.
Knibbs' 6th kiss. She was in the same group as another girl he kissed. Knibbs isn't a player, he just crushes a lot.
This was fun. We called a guy over to give him some stuff and tipped the sitting water on top of the tarp onto him.
Anthony Henderson spraying down this girl.
Skater Profile: Anthony Henderson
This kid got bitter milk face.
You can only drink so much milk in 100 degree weather before you gotta let a bit of it loose.
Porpe hooked him up. Thanks to Skull Candy for throwing in the free stuff.

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