Warped Tour 2007 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Warped Tour 2007

Posted on Monday, August 6, 2007 by Angel

Warped Tour 2007
Words By Jorge Angel

Photos and Captions by Angel Carela

The Lucky 13th Annual Warped Tour made a stop at the beautiful Venoy Park in St. Petersburg this year, and of course the Skatepark of Tampa was there to represent at the scene the festival brings. For those who have never been to Warped Tour at Vinoy Park, I would definitely recommend it. There are not many venues in the country that offer enough space to fit 10 stages, a mini-ramp, numerous band tents, and a beautiful waterfront view.

With half of the Skatepark of Tampa crew touring Europe, the tent was a bit more tame than in past years, but it did not stop the rest of the crew from having a good time. Scotty “The Body” Conley was working hard spitting rhymes while grilling some free hot dogs for the crowd. Sean Albright was busy tagging people with our logo and other obscenities. The crowd in the tent got real thick when the rain came. Good thing we did not have tables and chairs this year because we were able to provide more shelter for those who where trying to stay dry. But of course there were those young hippie kids dancing around and moshing in the rain.

The Mini-Ramp Contest was well-represented by the Skatepark of Tampa crew, as it should be. I do not know exactly what the format was, but I think it was a jam session. If you were there you know it really was a Levi Combs and Chris Lehman demo. Both of them destroyed and if I was judging I would have just given them both first place, but since there has to be a winner Levi Combs beat out Chris Lehman for first and Lehman took second. The only problem with the Mini-Ramp Contest was the band playing next to the ramp. Thanks to Vans for providing the ramp and prizes.

Of course Warped Tour brings some heavy hitters when it comes to music. Being able to see Pennywise, Bad Religion, and Pepper alone in one day is worth a $20 ticket. One thing Warped Tour did lack though was diversity of music in the smaller bands that played. Every small stage I went too there was some emo kids up there doing synchronized head banging screaming into mics. It was entertaining to watch these kids looking foolish on stage though. Overall it was a good time and thank you Warped Tour for all that you do. Hope to see more people next year.

Jorge Angel

Bowers was psyched to find this guy in the crowd

Some random Tampa tattoos. If I remember correctly, the guy in the red was from Wisconsin

Levi melon grabbed his way to 1st place in the Jam

Levi on what I think is called a sugar cane grind or something

Chris took 2nd place and he also had some steezy melons

Chris with the crazy back smith

Ricky Martin with a frontside flip

Back at our tent, Scotty was holding it down on the grill

First two victims to get in the stencil party

Even the moms were down for the cause

As it started raining more victims came to our tent to get stenciled

One of the custom artwork done by Sean

I think we ended up kicking these girls out from under our tent because they wouldn’t get stenciled

The crew made it rain on the crowd with free products to finish off the day


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