Valentine's Day Massacre 2012 Presented by Vans Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Valentine's Day Massacre 2012 Presented by Vans

Posted on Monday, February 13, 2012 by Porpe

Photos and words by Porpe
Footage by Joe Pelham

HiDefJoe Footage

Tucker is one of the younger contestants in our Contest. I wish I was dropping in when I was six years old.
Jake Salvati has an ollie down the four stair.
Shane Farber is rocking head bands and doing proper front shuvs.
AJ Dall with a good looking front board down the big rail.
Niko Howard is 11 years old and can do bluntslides down the big rail. What is this world coming too?
Nick Noel is also 11 years old, and he can do back smiths down the big rail. I'm still trying to learn them on flat bars and small ledges.
This is Nick's twin brother, Chris Noel. He is just as good as Nick. Did I tell you they both have Instagrams? Kids these days grow up so fast.
Brian Upapong is giving a thumbs up to Jacob's grilling.
We have seen Haze Miller grow up to become a young man while skating our All Ages Contest throughout the years. He has ditched the helmet and is now doing proper feeble grinds on the big rail.
Chis Mata with a front feeble on the most dangerous obstacle on course.
A big thanks to Ryan DeWitt for getting Vans to sponsor the Valentine's Day Massacre. And another big thanks to the rest of the crew for helping make the day go by smoothly.
Yonis Molina is looking for a shoe sponsor, and he is hoping this switch heel over the rail impressed DeWitt enough to send him a box.
Giancarlo Scalise is one of my favorite little dudes to watch skate. He reminds me of a young TNT. Here he rolls away with a transfer lipslide.
Nick Noel may be a little dude, but he has some grown man tricks. Check out this back smith backside 180 out.
Chris Noel also has grown man tricks. This first try backside bigspin could have gotten him top three in Sponsored.
This is my favorite sequence of the day. Willie Wilson with a bolts varial heelflip.
Piro Sierra was last year's overall winner of the Sponsored Division finishing 1st in both the Valentine's Day Massacre and the Spring Roll. Looks like he is in route to do the same thing this year, winning the contest with tricks like this fakie ollie switch front board down the big rail.


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