Coastal Carnage and Damn Am Huntington Beach 2012 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Coastal Carnage and Damn Am Huntington Beach 2012

Posted on Tuesday, August 7, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Sunday was the Costal Carnage Finals where Ben Raybourn won and Jaws took Best Trick. Prior to that was an amazing demo with the Nike Skateboarding and Converse teams put on by CCS. Schaefer and Clements take you through the day with a nice intermission from the Mayor of Huntington Beach, Ed Templeton. Get full results from the weekend right here. I've also got a bunch of photos and sequences for you below.

Paul Hart was on the long list of alternates and got a spot last minute. He made it to the Finals and almost missed the whole thing because of one of the worst things about California: Traffic.
Alex Midler's legs are growing along with his bag of tricks.
Sebo's impossible lipslide looks just as good as the smith grind he intended.
One of the three brothers in Damn Am, Taylor McClung, 360 flipping the big set.
Cattle crossing to the beach.
All the nightlife blends together after this much time. This is just a small portion of the deep Tampa crew at the US Open.
There's Waldo.
These last two weeks might be the most I've ever worked with multiple days starting at 8am and going well past midnight. We did get some nice breaks like checking out the bands at US Open. This is Toro y Moi, a kind of mellowed out Passion Pit.
We're all on a Nike Fuel Band numbers contest with each other.
Alright, back to the Contest. Dylan Perry was an alternate that got a last minute spot, too. That's a nosegrind on the bank to ledge.
Vern and Clem were the microphone fiends.
Tyson Bowerbank - kickflip back disaster.
More grown up tricks from Alex Midler, this time a switch 50-50.
Edgar Barrera - back smith.
The alternates killed it. Jon Cosentino was another one that made it into the Finals and ended up in 3rd. That's a 360 flip.
Ryan Spencer's frontside 180 fakie 5-0's on the bank to ledge were looking so good.
Blake Carpenter took it up the rail.
Nothing is safe from advertising. This ad is written by planes in the sky.
Auby Taylor - switch heel.
Tim Zom backside noseblunts for the masses.
Sebo won Best Trick with the 360 shuv to smith grind on the big hubba.
When the beach sand dust settled, it was Dylan Witkin winning the first Damn Am at Huntington Beach.
Prior to the Coastal Carnage Finals on Sunday, CCS had a Nike and Cons demo with an amazing crew of skateboarders. That's Sean Malto on a front crook.
It was nice to see Mark Appleyard in on the demo with this 360 flip noseslide.
Now it's time for the Coastal Carnage Finals where Pedro Barros is making coping flakes fly with this smith grind all the way around.
My camera is filled with Jaws photos like I stalked him. That's a kickflip indy.
I like when a front blunt looks like a frontside ollie. That's Charlie Blair.
Jaws again, this time kickflipping into a backside grab.
Corey Duffel was in the crowd.
What do you call this that Kevin Kowalski is doing? A backside frontside boneless?
Jaws floats a backside 360 over the volcano hip.
Colin Kennedy was our communication link to the webcast truck.
How do Tim Zom and Corey Duffel know each other?
Pause for a gear check.
Paul Zitzer and Neal Hendrix were your live webcast announcers.
Pause for another gear check. I think this is Raymond Molinar.
Judges Mike, Bob, and Jason.
Yep, Jaws again, this time with a kickflip stalefish.
Someone join these ladies in the bowl.
Thanks Bob Burnquist for skating the Qualifiers the day before. This is a blunt fakie on the shark.
Where you at?
Lance Mountain's inverts on that thing were amazing.
The Perfect Man and the Perfect Young Man enjoying the show.
Your typical HB DB was in the crowd...oh wait, that's Porpe in a downward spiral of bad gear that started several days ago.
The SPoT Media Team's office under the ramps.
Jaws' 540 on the shark got the biggest crowd reaction.
Kevin Kowalski - andrect on the shark.
With my exposure being way off here, it's looks like Ryan Reyes is under water.
Let's take a lurk break and check out some surfing and do some HB people watching.
The side of the beach that doesn't care about surfing looks like this.
The surf audience is huge.
Another small sample of the large Tampa crew here. FSEC Member Gib is a local out here now.
Meanwhile, over on the street course, Omar is in an unintentional ad for our site.
Seamus from The Bricks, Andrea, and Brittany are on a crowded bar tour through the streets of Huntington Beach.
I don't have much for nightlife photos, but this foot fetish sums it up.
Actually, here's a nightlife photo. It's the SPoT Media Team working well towards midnight as usual.
Okay, back to the Contest. Jaws won Best Trick.
Congrats Ben for taking this year's Coastal Carnage.
And we're out like Tom Karangelov. See you all next year in the sand. Get the full results from the weekend here.


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