Levi's X Nike SB Dunk Release at SPoT Ybor Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Levi's X Nike SB Dunk Release at SPoT Ybor

Posted on Thursday, September 13, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

It was another overnight line for the release of the Black Levi's X Nike SB Dunk in SPoT Ybor. I went down some of the line and took a top/bottom photo. Can you guess who came straight from work with their less than bangin' kicks? Ha, thanks everyone for hanging out for another release. For the blue ones, we had three pairs to sell. We can't do a release with three pairs so we picked three random SPoT Foot Fetish people to allocate a voucher to. Sorry things were so tight with those. We also held one pair to give away at the Sneaker Soiree at The Bricks in November that we're working on with Wit-E Beats. Stay tuned for more details on that soon.
Top 1
Bottom 1
Top 2
Bottom 2
Top 3
Bottom 3
Top 4
Bottom 4
Top 5
Bottom 5
Top 6
Bottom 6
Top 7
Bottom 7
Top 8
Bottom 8
Top 8
Bottom 8
Top 9
Bottom 9
Top 10
Bottom 10
Top 11
Bottom 11
Top 12
Bottom 12
Top 13
Bottom 13
Top 14
Bottom 14
Top 15
Bottom 15
Top 16
Bottom 16
Top 17
Bottom 17
When the line is overnight, it's an amazing sidwalk show of Ybor City creepers, drunk partiers, and cockroach attacks.
Jeff opened the doors up today and rang everyone up.
As usual, it's box price plus tax. Does your shop jack the price way up for releases? That sucks.
Thanks to Red Bull for hooking up everyone in line with a four-pack. Thanks to the sneaker community for the support!

Video Review from Mr Foamer Simpson


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