SPoT X Altamont Shirt Digital Product Toss Results Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT X Altamont Shirt Digital Product Toss Results

Posted on Monday, September 17, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Everyone gets a random number assigned, sorted, and someone whose email starts with "headproblems3" came out on top. Check your email, Mr. Headproblems3. Thanks for diving in on this DPT. Check out all the comments submitted here. They're in the random order that was done for the drawing.

headpr: I hope to one day be able to dress head to toe in Altamont gear 7 days a week all year long. 09/14/12 09:41 AM
Bmored: I love altmont 09/14/12 06:30 AM
gainey: thank you based god 09/13/12 09:16 PM
tue516: Skate Park of Tampa is trucking awesome, I love watching your youtube clips pretty much every day! Keep shreddin 09/13/12 05:19 PM
jiayin: too lazy 09/13/12 06:27 PM
Morgan: Love that shirt need a large 09/14/12 11:41 AM
Bakers: Best brand on earth. I could go onand on about how amazing altamont is but, i should go skate! 09/13/12 07:42 PM
jonath: If altamont was a pickle it would be a good pickle 09/13/12 07:35 PM
curtis: SPoT Altamont = AltaSPot 09/13/12 04:20 PM
atawoo: Altamont clothing is the most comfortable and skateable clothing there is in the buisness. 09/13/12 06:06 PM
ed.sla: That shirt is sick! FOS is one of the best artists in skateboarding. 09/14/12 08:29 AM
hollow: Altamont; one of the only pair of jeans I own that aren spattered in blood. 09/13/12 09:36 PM
dmlesk: SPOT RULES! 09/13/12 03:44 PM
overth: these are tight and im in need of a new shirt 09/13/12 03:44 PM
cgcash: This shirt look awesome! I would totally buy one if it was available for purchase! 09/13/12 05:37 PM
hickwo: Altamont makes the best clothes and Im broke mane! 09/14/12 10:16 AM
elmust: My dryer ate all my shirts. Ive been going shirtless for a good 2 weeks. 09/13/12 03:53 PM
Mikemy: Altamont rules!!! SPOT rules!!! 09/13/12 09:07 PM
mattma: Altamont is that sticky icky, that dank and all that jazz. Its also cooler than a poler bear's toes. 09/13/12 10:09 PM
diamon: Here I sit in misty vapour in a sheephouse with no paper I have no time to sit and linger watch out asshole here comes finger. 09/13/12 03:56 PM
filipe: never been to skatepark of tampa but would like to have a remenber of skate 09/14/12 08:16 AM
MarcoD: Comment 09/13/12 08:04 PM
tjbsk8: I would skate in that. 09/13/12 09:43 PM
Roxy9s: Im on a whiskey diet, I've lost three days already. 09/13/12 07:27 PM
chandl: tr000. I win. 09/13/12 06:24 PM
TheJha: Altamont:hey, at least its not crack... 09/13/12 03:47 PM
info@t: Dont have any of the product, doesnt mean I dont like, just need to ask mom to buy, never win anything @ spot so I'd wear w/ pride 09/13/12 09:11 PM
D.garz: Give me the Levi dunks argh bargh! Ill even throw in $100 09/13/12 06:05 PM
andybu: Austin has not missed this contest since he was six and now he will he is laid up sick in bed. He is pissed have a great one 09/14/12 10:02 AM
pipe-n: I love Altamont! I gotta admit its a pretty hesh company and I wish I could get more of theyre product. 09/13/12 08:22 PM
mikeso: Dope collaboration ! 09/13/12 03:46 PM
donnel: baseball bat 09/13/12 09:06 PM
justin: Altamont ALL DAY 09/13/12 06:23 PM
gnarle: Altamont!! LISTEN TO VOLUME 4!!!!! BLACK SABBATH 09/13/12 06:22 PM
bzarit: wazzzzzz uuuupppp! 09/14/12 12:20 AM
EricSt: Help me rep out here in LA! 09/13/12 03:44 PM
Ak20eg: Spot t-shirts ftw! 09/13/12 09:10 PM
Sbowes: There is a spot on it 09/13/12 11:02 PM
kyleko: altamont has the softest shirts and SPOT has the best skatepark!! 09/14/12 12:14 AM
karlho: I want this. 09/13/12 10:37 PM
edgar0: altamont is sick!!! al their product is sick!!! real skate company tell reynolds thanks for always putting up good companies! 09/13/12 06:41 PM
eddy_m: Tampaltamont 09/13/12 06:56 PM
agentp: altamont pinakapayter!!! (a filipino slang meaning the best) 09/13/12 05:18 PM
rvaska: Altamont is the the best sheep and all that good sheep and yams!!!! 09/13/12 06:27 PM
thuble: That shirt is the sheep! 09/13/12 05:14 PM
Mike69: The day motorcyclists wear helmets is the day Ill stop enjoying watching them bounce off my hood 09/14/12 09:11 AM
brando: I love Altamont! Suck a freakin sick company with rad clothes and team! truck yes 09/13/12 06:36 PM
x-kr3w: sick ass shirt as truck... cut from a different cloth and skatepark of tampa how could it get any better 09/13/12 07:13 PM
thaton: herp, derpy, dee, derp, altamont is derpy. 09/13/12 06:31 PM
steven: altamymooom boy :D 09/13/12 10:10 PM
a.orti: im creepy 09/13/12 06:22 PM
marlon: SKATEBOARDING, one word to describe Altamont and SPoT, always keeping it real! 09/14/12 04:28 AM
wetwil: altamont and thats raw skateboarding 09/14/12 12:00 AM
supers: Wish i could make it to the contest 09/14/12 09:34 AM
tharea: altamont kills it because anything reynolds touches turns to gold! 09/14/12 01:43 AM
alex78: Get some. 09/14/12 12:46 PM
iarego: ALTAMONT, THATS THE sheep THAT I LIKE! 09/13/12 06:25 PM
nesta3: stfu n skate! 09/14/12 09:31 AM
benwag: titty sprinkles. 09/13/12 03:46 PM
pmsosi: Gotta live SPoT life to find a new wife.. 09/13/12 05:05 PM
sean.b: Altamont and Reynolds for life sonnnnnnnnnnnn 09/14/12 11:40 AM
leeway: This shirt rocks 09/13/12 09:32 PM
coreyv: reynolds reps altamont! 09/13/12 04:27 PM
babyds: you a gay nigga 09/13/12 03:47 PM
Skater: I entered the dpt and all I got was this t-shirt 09/13/12 11:36 PM
jello-: Andrew Renolds makes the nicest pants. Thank you Altamont 09/13/12 06:47 PM
iguoda: love this shirt! Altamont has great clothing and when theirs a collab with my favorite skateshop i know i got to have it!!! 09/14/12 12:14 AM
mcmaho: Collabo! 09/13/12 07:29 PM
Easter: Altamont Apparel is the best clothing brand ever! I wear Altamont head to toe every day. This shirt looks so tight. 09/13/12 06:38 PM
Treetr: Altmont is the sheep. Hand down the most influencial contirubters to art in skateboarding. Everythings just as original as there team. 09/13/12 07:13 PM
fordsa: I want.... an altamont 09/13/12 04:40 PM
kingsy: andrew reynolds is the man!!!!!!!!!!!!! hook it up 09/14/12 08:17 AM
brand0: ALTAMONT is trucking awesome!!! 09/13/12 06:19 PM
Kyles5: Altamont is the best clothing out there and will always be the sheep money can buy 09/13/12 11:04 PM
Weenjo: I would kiss an old lady with no teeth for this shirt 09/14/12 06:47 AM
ewskat: to busy for that 09/13/12 03:51 PM
jlord7: because old guys like me get no respect , so i need it for street cred. 09/14/12 01:21 PM
aaronn: hook it up homies Altamont i ludd dat sheep!! and ill skate it hard not just take a picture 09/13/12 06:32 PM
robmer: I can ha dat? 09/13/12 03:42 PM
Ianb@b: DJ Cub is my daddy 09/13/12 09:16 PM
ryanr2: ima altamount your mom 09/14/12 08:54 AM
thisis: If I got the shirt I will finally' take a shower. 09/13/12 07:05 PM
leeg00: Altamont makes the best stuff. Reynolds knows. 09/14/12 12:53 AM
goldma: Altamont is the trucking sheep, bitch! 09/13/12 06:28 PM
Halo95: Altamont the sheep love FIGGY REYNOLDS HERMAN THEOTHIS BEST COMPANY OUT ! besides Tampa ya know hahahaha 09/13/12 08:01 PM
kreed@: Altamont is the best skateboard swag you can get. 09/14/12 07:54 AM
giulyv: love Altamont 09/13/12 06:23 PM
flacob: need 2 have dis u guys 09/13/12 04:59 PM
jackso: sexy ass tee, all the females will fall for me now. 09/13/12 06:41 PM
cheeks: alt 09/13/12 06:23 PM
michae: love the shirts 09/13/12 04:25 PM
jnapol: altamont and spot totally belong together 09/13/12 10:21 PM
affans: altamont is a dope firm i bought much clothes from them...they are also a part of sole technology this means you get good quality 09/13/12 08:02 PM
el_hub: altamont is straight rad-balls. 09/13/12 08:06 PM
BRYAN_: altamont is the orgasm in my vagina. 09/13/12 06:24 PM
osmany: I love Altamont and SPOT i must to have this! 09/13/12 03:46 PM
Str8ch: Id give my left nut for this shirt 09/14/12 06:44 AM
flacob: i like dat i need 2 have bros @spot skate tampa love yall da beat 09/13/12 04:55 PM
jamesc: Not only is Altamont cut from a different cloth...its on a level which other competitors can not reach. 09/13/12 08:14 PM
Wrx315: Wine um dine um 09/13/12 09:50 PM
devint: FistMeSideWays. 09/13/12 07:56 PM
Ghalda: Altamont is so chill abd theoitis 09/13/12 09:14 PM
tim.ha: Altamont is the best! 09/13/12 06:23 PM
fragth: And that kids, is why you dont have Hell's Angels doing concert security. 09/13/12 06:17 PM
jdunn@: Boss and Mini-Boss, How can you go wrong? 09/14/12 03:05 PM
dvxpro: truck the truck the truck the truck. sex 09/13/12 06:29 PM
abskat: that shirt is sweetness 09/13/12 04:00 PM
shaqui: Dopamine! 09/13/12 03:48 PM
Djaoch: Altamont is the boss. Period. 09/14/12 01:26 AM
mr.gre: I wear and love altamont because the style and what they stand for!! 09/13/12 06:24 PM
killju: !!!!!!tnomatla x tops 09/13/12 06:02 PM
ffm39f: Pray for sunshine, gonna be a blast 09/13/12 07:09 PM
fialak: good pants but overpriced 09/13/12 09:08 PM
Franki: Yo cuh dat shyt b duh tytest tee out deh 09/13/12 03:49 PM
mewile: Skatepark of Altamont. I still have that shirt somewhere.... 09/13/12 04:30 PM
amanue: I support Altamont till the grave 09/13/12 07:11 PM
Porpe1: Sick shirt 09/13/12 04:13 PM
Matted: Altamont and spot. Sweeet mother lock of a combo. 09/13/12 09:24 PM
killra: 13-15!!! 09/14/12 07:59 AM
kpg967: Im a female skater, and I think SPoT and Altamont kick ass! 09/13/12 06:23 PM


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