Damn Am Awards 2012 Results Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Damn Am Awards 2012 Results

Posted on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 by Rob

  • Thanks for Nothing: Nike – Volcom – Billabong – Zumiez – Skullcandy – Independent – Red Bull – Bones Bearings – Bones Wheels – Dakine – Mob – The Skateboard Mag – Woodward West
  • Best Trick All Year: 360 Pop Shuv to Smith on Hubba at Damn Am Huntington Beach by Sebo Walker
  • CanadiAm: Matt Berger – Runner Up: Jon Cosentino
  • EurOkay: Youness Amrani – Runner Up: Tim Zom
  • Little Big Man: Gage Boyle
  • Pro Before You Know: Oscar Mesa
  • Man Am of the Year: Cesar Fernandez
  • Most Improved: Dylan Witkin
  • Damn Am Misses You: Micky Papa
  • Came Out Of Nowhere: Anthony Anaya
  • BraziliAm: Picomano – Runner Up: Adriano Lachovski
  • Statler and Waldorf: Ian Deacon and Jeremy Fox
  • ChinAm: Johnny Tang
  • Most Dedicated: Luke Hampton
  • Damn Am of the Year: Auby Taylor

Zumiez Destroyer of the Year: Jereme Knibbs

Damn Am of the Year Calculations

If you make the cut in at least two Damn Am Contests during the year, you're in the running for Damn Am of the Year. Your top two Sunday scores are averaged to get the final score. Results for 2012 are below. These skaters only made the cut at one Damn Am in 2012. You have to make it to two to be in the running for Damn Am of the Year. This list is sorted alphabetically.


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