A California Work and Play Day Article at Skatepark of Tampa

A California Work and Play Day

Posted on Thursday, May 9, 2013 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Today I spent the day with Casey Wayne, Chris Kelly, HiDefJoe, and Brian Schaefer in California for plenty of mixing of business and pleasure as we always do. We rolled with Joey Brezinski and crew. Check out a few photos and sequences...
Our California work and play day starts with work at Nike's Sixth and Mill facility. They're tearing down the existing stuff and rebuilding it all to be finished just one day before the Damn Am LA on May 31 to June 2. It's coming up quick. If you want a spot, have your Team Manager hit me up ASAP - rob@skateparkoftampa.com. I didn't know styrofoam was under all that concrete. We had a strongman competition with those blocks.
We found some of the props from the Koston 2 release where tiny replicas of famous skate spots were created for a mini-golf course. HiDefJoe puts the Lockwood set size into perspective.
Part of today's work is to review the plans for course constructions and work out some of the details on preparing for the Damn Am. Presentation decks are becoming the norm in our bid'niss lives lately. It's possibly a sign of finally growing up.
Outside, it's enough of work and now time for play. We're entertaining ourselves with some optical illusions and the tiny California picnic tables. HiDefJoe can now say he has kickflipped a picnic table.
Schaefer ollied it but not before breaking it. Oops, sorry Koston!
Chris Kelly launched rockets to Russia over that thing.
I had to go Alex Olson with mine the long way. Speaking of Alex Olson, did you hear he and Brian Anderson quit Girl? It's definitely connected to what AVE and Dill are doing. So far I can't get anyone to give me details. We'll see what's up soon.
From the Nike Facility, we went to the Andale Bearings factory which also happens to be Joey Brezinki's house. That cool guy there with Schaefer and Joey is Chris Roberts.
Joey's got four of these.
A nice collection of trophies in Joey's house includes a few that we have handed to him from Skatepark of Tampa.
Oh yeah, we kidnapped the Lockwood prop.
Before playing again, it's time for work one more time. We're at Red Bull's offices meeting about their Media House project and how we can contribute content for it. No photos allowed, but I of course did manage to Vine it out: backflips in their gym, Schaefer and the ladies, and a look at the offices and that amazing skate thing in there. We are about to do some exciting things with our winged partners here.
It's now back to play time and we're at Stoner Park where Sebo is blowing us away with his front foot balancing acts.
Joey's got a crazy one - manny casper nose manual.
I think I've seen Aaron Snyder every time I've been to Stoner. Nick Dompierre was also there.
This local stunter has a feeble on the rail.
Daniel Espinoza is with us today, too. Frontside 180 switch crook.
Next up is a ledge spot in South Central. You don't need any wax here for sure.
Daniel has a hardflip over this picnic table and probably real ones, too.
Joey could clear two picnic tables stacked like Yeah Right with this backside flip.
Chris Roberts heelflips it while HiDefJoe is looking like a one armed one footed filming machine.
The picnic table makes this ledge look waist high. Joey's got a bsts big flip out on it.
That's a tight ass crew to spend the play day with.
We're wrapping up another episode of SPoT Life here that will be out in a couple weeks.
When was the last time you've seen a "No Golfing" sign, especially at a skate spot?
Night has come and it's time for to wrap up the play day with a sample of fine sauce. I gave this weird combo beer a try after seeing on the shelves here. I'd rather drink GG Allin's armpit sweat that have this tomato flavored beer again.
We're at the Blind premiere of "Damn..." now and running into all kinds of old friends. Kevin Tshala is here. Get back in Damn Am, Kevin!
Adelmo's locks are growing back in.
The theater filled up for the first showing, so we lurked it outside for a bit until the second showing.
Brown bagging it on a Long Beach street corner. We are so local.
The FSEC is worldwide and bi-coastal. We hung out with Gib for a bit. HiDefJoe and Casey Wayne better not end up in the FSEC.
Lensmen Jared Lucas and HiDefJoe.
Kevin Romar had a ripping part.
Don Brown, OG Skatepark of Tampa Party Team champ, and Ari dropping mad science on you.
Thanks for a damn good one, everyone at Blind.
Catch TJ Rogers jumping down some king sized stair sets in Damn.
Red Room is the Long Beach version of Ybor City's Reservoir Bar.
Ron Chatman was in Red Room. Damn, that's a legit skate bar.
Your classic California skateboard watering hole.
Josh is pushing sauce and Skatepark of Tampa.
Felipe Ortiz recently turned pro at Tampa Pro and followed it up with a bangin part in Damn.
We're in DJ Wade's hometown of Long Beach, but all we spotted out was his brother Stefan before we called it a night after a long day of work and play. I'll never live here, but California is sure nice to visit. Or, maybe we'll just have a west coast Skatepark of Tampa and I'll live here half the year. Yep, let's do that. I'll refer you back to this in two years once we've made that happen.


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