Clash of the Crews 2014 presented by Vans Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Clash of the Crews 2014 presented by Vans

Posted on Wednesday, February 26, 2014 by Chris

Words and photos by: Frank
Get full results here.
Clash of the Crews 2014 presented by Vans.
Zach Rowe from Undercover Skate Shop - FS feeble.
Marcos Montoya has some fans.
The Ramp 48 crew killed it. That’s Marcos with a BS tail.
Josh Douglas from Island Water Sports has a smooth nollie FS half cab flip.
Brad Cromer from Shred Shed with a head high kickflip.
Kanaan Dern from Graffiti Skate Zone with a FS 5-0 across and down.
Thank You everyone who donated to Boards for Bros.
Best buds photo. Tyson and Deein.
SPoT coozies.
Watch your ankles if your chillin' in the court yard.
Lam Le from Galactic G with a proper nollie FS crook.
Scooter and the Cocoa Beach Skate Park crew.
Reggie Kelly hardflip BS lip.
Thanks PBR for the free booze.
Rene Perez for MIA Skate Shop - BS lip.
Aaron Jewett owns Under Cover Skate Shop.
Frank Mare and Adam Ziegler talking biz.
Dedicated Skate Moms.
Charlie Cassidy - BS lip.
TJ Sparks - proper FS noseblunt.
Undercover Skate Shop.
Yoda holding down the grill.
Matt Fink - switch BS lip.
Tyson Peterson from The Park - BS 180 nosegrind.
James Cobb with a fakie flip.
Jereme Knibbs - ollie up to FS wallride.
John Montesi rips.
Montesi handplant.
This dude ripped in overalls.
Ed Selego killed it on the mic.
Can we get a Wheelbiterz repost?
Dan cheering on the crew.
Orlando homies.
Kevin Sikes - hardflip.
Markus Jalaber's quick setup change.
Ambition skate shop - Clearwater, FL
Westside Skateshop - Tarpon Springs, FL
The Park (Team One) - Melbourne, FL
Island Water Sports - Deerfield Beach, FL
Ramp 48 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Skatepark of Tampa - Tampa, FL
The Park (Team Two) - Melbourne, FL
Graffiti Skate Zone - Palm Bay, FL
Product toss madness.
...and that's a wrap. Thanks again to all the shops that came out and killed it. Congrats to Graffiti Skate Zone for taking home another 1st place win, and to everyone who killed it at this year's Clash of the Crews. Big thanks to Vans for helping us put this together, and to PBR for the beer. See you next year...


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