Welcome to Tampa Party and Art Show Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Welcome to Tampa Party and Art Show

Posted on Friday, January 27, 2006 by Rob

Welcome to Tampa Party and Art Show

I hope Braydon Szafranski wakes up today for his run - he was shutting down the bars with me the night before
Thomas Taylor is the father of skateboarding's golden child
Newell Nando! Fernando Soares with some pool sharks
Leo Romero and the girl known as G-Unit
Watch out for this dude. His name is Alex Vidal aka Roast Beef. I met him in Puerto Rico - he's got a cab flip on tranny that's extra butter, among other things. He's skating today in the second heat
Why can't this be the scene at the Park every night?
Oh yeah, and there was some skateboarding going on, too. The bowl was packed and the kiddie course was dark, but that didn't stop unknown kids from doing unknown tricks. I think this might be a nollie backside flip
BMXers serving skateboarders - Forrest and Sean pouring Red Bulls with Vodka and PBR all night. Thanks for the service
That's Brian Schaefer's brother Wayne Schaefer. With him is Sarah Shaffer - cool last name, but not spelled right
PBR had mad propaganda - pins, patches, wristbands, stickers, etc. Drunks were definitely feeling it. When you see Leah out in Ybor, high five this girl. She rips
I think there might be a couple hot chicks at the Anniversary Party and hopefully those extra tickets are for their girlfriends
Kid Will's got some Polk Country pride
That's Jay Giroux - check out Jay Giroux.com. He makes art, and it's pretty damn good
A few years ago, one of the Tampa Am after parties got extra loose with trees being smashed, video games being slid onto the dance floor, and change machines being used as a jungle gym. This was all started by this guy here now known as "The Instigator." Clarence, let's do that again this weekend. Oh and that's the Greek there with a nice set of handlebars
Matt Giles got a head gash, too. He got hit in the head with a board. That's way cooler than the story I have for my gash in my head. Mine's simply, "I fell down"
Every time Chapin gets a photo on the website, there's some kind of undercover illegal act going on. Steve Brandi has a nice plastic smile, too. This is inside Transitions Art Gallery. Craig Kaths there on the left also did a lot of the t-shirt's on display
Chris Pastras missed his pal Earl's show on Must See TV tonight so he could hang out at the Park. Abdias is hyped


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