Ryan and Gretchen Sheckler at Tampa Pro 2006

Posted on Tuesday, April 25, 2006 by Chad

Ryan and Gretchen Sheckler at Tampa Pro 2006
Interview and Questions by Chad Cardoza

Question Ryan Sheckler Ryan's Mom On Ryan Gretchen Sheckler (Ryan's Mom)
One word that describes how you skate? Fast Consistent -
Favorite non-skate mag? Maxim FHM Real Simple
Who is skateboarding's biggest badass? Chris Cole Chris Cole Chris Cole
Best thing about Tampa Pro? Laid back and fun - you can just chill out here - The people, Schaefer, the vibe
Worst thing about Tampa Pro? It's hot - The traffic and construction on I-4 around the Park
Have a song in your head right now? - - None
Catholic schools girls are... HOT Hot and nice Naughty
What made you come to Tampa Pro? Have not been for a while and promised Schaefer I would - Missed it for three years
Are you coffee and donuts or McDonalds and Mt. Dew? McDonald's and Red Bull McDonald's and Mt Dew Coffee, no donuts
Florida Law says you an be arrested for having sex with this animal. Guess the animal. (Porcupine) Brian Schaefer - Alligator

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