Random Pro Interviews Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Random Pro Interviews

Posted on Monday, March 27, 2006 by Rob

Random Pro Interviews
Words by Ryan Clements
Interview and Questions by Chad Cardoza

My friend Chad approached me with the idea of doing interviews at Tampa Pro this year. He suggested that he talk to as many pros (and anyone for that matter) as possible and ask them all the same, short questions. Then we could compare the answers and use them for material on the site. It sounded great to me, so Chad made it happen.

So here's the first installment of several to come. This one consists of all of the 'winners': PLG for the Vert Game of SKATE, Lutzka for Street, Billy Marks for Best Trick, and John Montesi for the Team Manager/Industry VIP Contest. Check out what they think of the Pro, skateboarding in general, and some other random, off-the-wall facts.

Pierre Luc Gagnon

Greg Lutzka

Billy Marks

John Montesi
One word that describes how you skate? - Smooth Sketchy Fun
Favorite non-skate mag? Playboy Playboy / Maxim Maxim Playboy
Who is skateboarding's biggest badass? - Mike Vallely Austin Seaholm Tom Penny
Best thing about Tampa Pro? - Everyone skating. It's not even like a contest. It's just fun. Brian Young Brian, Ryan, and Rob
Worst thing about Tampa Pro? - The weather and heat Brian Young The heat
Have a song in your head right now? Sirius Sattelite Radio, DJ Who Kid, Snoop Dog, something like that - - No
Catholic schools girls are... Stuck up Goody good girls that can be sexy Awesome My wife is standing next to me
Are you coffee and donuts or McDonalds and Mt. Dew? Steak and eggs - - -
Florida Law says you an be arrested for having sex with this animal. Guess the animal. (Porcupine) Dogs - - Alligator


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