Krux Kickflip Challenge Photos and Results

Posted on Saturday, June 10, 2006 by Rob

Krux Kickflip Challenge 2006
Words and Photos by Rob Meronek

Alex Salillas has a good looking flick even though this photo doesn't show that

Ryan Haver. If my last name was Haver, I'd make my first name Bad-b

The ghetto gown for this event was worn by Cameron Childers

Cameron Morris - this kickflip is about as clean as his shirt. Yeah, there were some sloppy ones being thrown out, but if you did that many kickflips, a few are bound to get messy

Joey Nero. Check out Jonny Blaze in the background. What's he doing? I think he's inventing a new trick

I believe Victoria Figueredo was the only girl in the Contest. She made it a few kickflips in before flopping. The majority of people who entered were out on their first flick, or lack thereof

Sebastian Zambrana - I could tell he's going to be good when he grows up. Little kids with good style are few and far between. This photo does not properly document the steez in his kickflip

Travis Campbell - somehow his posture went from bow legged back to normal and he rode away from this one

James Powers ended up doing 118 kickflips to win it

I think Zack Easey gets the best flick award for today. When it was he and James Powers left, he bailed his 105th kickflip and ended up in second

We broke it up into two groups. Top five from each group formed a top 10 final group. Joe Pellum made it to the final 10 cut, but bailed his second kickflip

Kickflips look the best when they're flicked down and caught with your back foot like Travis Jones is doing here. That's pretty much the opposite of the Rockets to Russia Flip that we saw way too much of today

Is that snot flying out of Chris Dupree's nose or is it an iPod? I'll go with snot. Snot's a cool word. People should use it more

Chris Defrancesco was like the man-am for this Contest. Everyone else was straight out of junior high

Who called this kid Baby Body? That's pretty funny. If you don't know The Body, let me introduce you

This kid Ryan Nicol pushes mongo. That didn't stop him from making 73 kickflips

Ishmo Sellito - Rockets to Russia, just like a lot of my own kiclflips turn out

Zack Easey - secondist place - that's our typo on the award there

James Powers - 118 kickflips to first place

There were only two girls on the girls' side of the product toss

The usual kid pyramid with a board on top during the product toss

Finals Results
  1. James Powers - 118
  2. Zack Easey - 105
  3. Ryan Nicol - 73
  4. Chris Defrancisco - 66
  5. Ishmo Sellitto - 33
  6. Travis Jones - 27
  7. Steven Buggico - 13
  8. Louis Ardise - 4
  9. Joe Pellum - 1
  10. Chris Dupree - 0

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