Save the Bro Bowl Protest or Whatever

Posted on Sunday, October 15, 2006 by Rob

Save the Bro Bowl Protest or Whatever
By Rob Meronek

On Friday, there was a last minute gathering to protest/skate/whatever to save the Bro Bowl. Send an email to Brad Suder who works for the city and tell him why you want the Bro Bowl to stay and that you want more modern skate stuff to be built next to it.

The ungrindable lip of the bowl, that is, unless you have 215's

The news interviewed a few people, including some ghetto kids that don't even skate. I bet we got some representation out of that

Save the Bowl! Check the shakka slasher over the titty. He was probably on a skimboard earlier today

Travis Jones has a nice looking snap over the boobie

Crotch grabber chopper hopper over the titty

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