Red Bull Demo at Ice Palace Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Red Bull Demo at Ice Palace

Posted on Sunday, December 10, 2006 by Rob

Red Bull Demo at Ice Palace
Some newspaper from another city put their name on the Ice Palace but I'm stil calling it the Ice Palace. The SPoT crew did a demo there before the hockey game last night. It was definitely one of the more fun demos we've done. Everyone ripped despite the rough brick ground and the large crowd of hockey jocks and kids that don't skate seemed to be pretty psyched on watching. A few photos from the night are below, but first, check out Dylan Perry's huge backside 360 off the bank ramp that was the last trick of the demo.

Ian Gow stomped a huge frontside flip off the bank

Halfway through the demo, the hockey team mascot comes out for some added entertainment. Ian Gow did a frontside 180 over him

Brandon Baker - 360 flip fakie

Drunk Aaron's concerned that there are too many party photos of him on the site and not enough skate photos. So, here's one - a no comply pole jam

It's bad enough if you wear pajamas, even worse if you wear them in public. Yonnie lets himself go while Chris Jata kickflips to fakie on the bank

Yonnie - pajama party 360 flip to fakie

That's Levi frontside flipping off the sketchy kicker

Man Pat Stiener is not going to be psyched on this bennihanna. At least I didn't add the toilet - it was definitely a take a poop

Wow, Robby Kirkland's hardflip off the bank was huge

The hockey team mascot attempted unsuccessfully to skate

Alright, this was pretty damn funny watching a board bounce off this guy's head when Dylan bailed an ollie over him

The rest of the photos are party and chill shots. After the demo, we hung out at the game in the Red Bull box seats. See how far we are from the ice? Everyone doubted it, but I was able to huck a strawberry from here down to the ice while a game was going on. The ref had to call the sweeper guy to get rid of it - ha!

Red Bull Sarah with her gangsta chain made from items lifted from the hockey stadium walls

Red Bull Linda got a gansta chain, too

Foot fetish with the Red Bull chain

So we left the game and headed to Robby Kirkland's ghetto house for a keg party in progress. The ghetto store had some watches for sale. I bought as many as I could fit on my wrist. Serious iced out accessories going on

Dylan MF Perry and Amanda on the lurk

Robby needs to get some laundry done

I started with a sleeve of watches, but by the end of the night I was left with only one. Drunk Arron got one. Thanks for the keg tap, Robby

Foot fetish with beer spilled on the mids

Amanda came up on some new wrist ice

Sean Albright came and rescued me from the keg party

Frosty came up on a purple alligator print wrist piece

Obnoxious Giles just broke a watch off my wrist to get his

Foot fetish number three - someone has some Jackass shoes

Ran into Brian Schaefer all dolled up at the Reservoir Bar

This is my friend Heather here with her boyfriend and my last watch left for the night - diamond pot leaf on the face - nice. Heather met her boyfriend at the Skatepark. Aw, another romance blossoms out of our custy ass warehouse in the hood

The diamond pot leaf watch is reversible. Sean Albright has some alternative ways to rock it


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