Boards For Bros Part One: Spread the Word Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Boards For Bros Part One: Spread the Word

Posted on Monday, December 11, 2006 by Rob

Boards For Bros Part One: Spread the Word
By Rob Meronek

This past weekend, we collected used skate stuff for when we return on December 23 to the Bro Bowl to give out boards to all the local kids in the area. Over the next two weeks, we're taking all the donated stuff, fixing and adding to it as necessary to make as many complete skateboards as possible. Below are a few photos from a fun session that went down while we were hanging out at the Bowl.

Kyle Stone - no comply to tail

I'm not much of a carver, so I usually skate the Bowl like it's a bank. Old guys are gonna hate on me. Rob Meronek - 360 flip fakie

Little Timmy, when we come back in two weeks, Santa's bringing you a skateboard and a new shook nightie

We set up shop right next to the Bowl. Thanks to everyone that brought their used boards to donate

There was some other event going on there, too, including crazy four wheel drivers kicking up dust clouds that make the bowl nice and slick


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