Tampa Am 2007 Goofy vs. Regular Results

Posted on Thursday, January 25, 2007 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

The etnies Goofy vs. Regular Contest every year in October is one of the most fun events of the year. It would be even more fun if SPoTlight Productions was running it, but that's a whole separate article. Check out this breakdown of the Tampa Am results based on Goofy vs. Regular. There were about 30 people that I didn't get a stance for. They are left out of these nerd calculations. The etnies Goofy vs. Regular last October proved that goofy is the superior stance. Tampa Am 2007 backed that up. Here are the stats:

Stat Goofy Regular
Total Skaters 85 125
Average of All Runs 61.04 60.36
Average of Highest Run Only 67.79 67.17
Average Age 18.70 18.61

Below are the results for Goofy vs. Regular with their highest score shown. Vince Del Valle won it for the regulars and Felipe Gustavo won it for the goofies. Fun with numbers! Woo!

Tampa Am 2007 Results For Goofy Skaters
1st: Felipe Gustavo from Brasilia Brazil (91.33)
2nd: David Gonzalez from Medellin Columbia (83.67)
3rd: Evan Smith from Orlando FL (83)
4th: Grant Taylor from Atlanta GA (82)
5th: Travis Glover from New York NY (81)
6th: Ed Driscoll from New York NY (81)
7th: Kevin Romar from Cypress CA (80.67)
8th: Jordan Hoffart from Vancouver, B.C. Canada (80.67)
9th: Tony Manfre from Sonoma CA (79.67)
10th: Tyler Surrey from San Diego CA (79.67)
11th: Taylor Smith from Encinitas CA (79)
12th: Collin Provost from Huntington Beach CA (78.67)
13th: Tyler Hendley from Mission Veijo CA (78.67)
14th: Lucas Carvalho from Sao Paulo (78)
15th: Nick Fiorini from Phoenix AZ (77.67)
16th: Kechaud Johnson from Dallas TX (77.33)
17th: John Dickson from Antioch IL (77)
18th: Anthony Schultz from Carlsbad CA (77)
19th: Shawn Hale from Joplin Missouri (77)
20th: Kass Plummer from Coco Beach FL (77)
21st: Anthony Williams from Atlanta GA (77)
22nd: Alex Olsen from Los Angeles CA (76.67)
23rd: Derek Simon from Nederland TX (76.33)
24th: Dylan Rieder from Westminster CA (76.33)
25th: Davis Torgerson from Plymouth MN (76)
26th: Eric Fletcher from Cedar Rapids IA (75.67)
27th: Marques DeVaughn from Milwaukee WI (75.33)
28th: Jerimiah Smith from Elgin IL (75.33)
29th: Andrew Cannon from Westchester PA (75)
30th: Sheldon Meleshinski from Canada (74.67)
31st: Brian Delatorre from Miami FL (74.67)
32nd: Chris Gregson from Irvine CA (74.33)
33rd: Jamiel Nowparvar from Minneapolis MN (74)
34th: Morgan Smith from Toronto Ontario (72.67)
35th: Adrian Gephart from West Lafayette IN (72.33)
36th: Matt Allen from Victorville CA (71.67)
37th: Sal Viglietta from Buffalo NY (71.67)
38th: Will Marshall from Canada (71)
39th: David Gravette from Issaquaa WA (71)
40th: Tyler Bledsoe from Salem OR (70)
41st: Julian Davidson from Long Beach CA (69.67)
42nd: Shane Browning from Milwaukee WI (69.67)
43rd: Eddie Kochendorfer from Robbinsdale MN (69.33)
44th: Dylan Perry from Tampa FL (69.33)
45th: Ian Sherman from Rosemount MN (68.67)
46th: Niels van der Zeeuw from Voorst Holland (68.67)
47th: Luis Perez from Miami FL (68.33)
48th: Nate Fantasia from Denver CO (68)
49th: Jordan Williams from Riverton UT (67.33)
50th: Brian Downey from Wellington FL (67.33)
51st: Matt Dryer from Huntington Beach FL (67.33)
52nd: Matt Fink from St. Louis MO (67.33)
53rd: Caio Notaro from Alfretta GA formerly Brazil (66.67)
54th: Lamare Hemmings from Hollywood CA (66.67)
55th: Tom Geilfuss from Baltimore MD (65.67)
56th: Erich Bielefeldt from Richmond VA (65.33)
57th: Jayson Colon from Jacksonville FL (65.33)
58th: Collin Hale from Underhill VT (65.33)
59th: Tim Bennett from Minneapolis MN (65)
60th: Thomas Nielsen from (64.33)
61st: Tyson Bowerbank from Sandy UT (64)
62nd: Lorena Lima from Sayreville NY (63.33)
63rd: Arjun Shah from Millstone NJ (62.67)
64th: Taylor Bingaman from Sacramento CA (62.67)
65th: Ryan Yost from Minneapolis MN (62)
66th: Richard Villa from Pamona CA (62)
67th: Riley Hawk from Carlsbad CA (61.33)
68th: Ron Deily from Union Beach NJ (60)
69th: Nathan Roline from (58.67)
70th: Jordan Maxham from Barre VT (56.67)
71st: Mike Franklin (Owen) from Los Angeles CA (56.33)
72nd: Alex Vestal from Mexico Missouri (55.67)
73rd: Alex Vidal from Carolina Puerto Rico (54.33)
74th: Sean Eaton from Las Vegas NV (53)
75th: Josiah Renn from Baltimore MD (52.67)
76th: Kelly Hart from Laguna Hills CA (52.67)
77th: David Clark from Atlanta GA (51)
78th: Pat Rumney from Mt. Sini NY (50.33)
79th: Ben Raybourn from Houston TX (49.67)
80th: Kevin Tshala from Ronse Belgium (46.67)
81st: Scotty Conley from Tampa FL (43)
82nd: Everen Stallion from Bakersfield CA (42.67)
83rd: Chris Stuker from Portland OR (40.67)
84th: Chris Lehman from Tampa FL (37.67)
85th: Orlando Ramos from San Juan PR (35.33)
Tampa Am 2007 Results For Regular Skaters
1st: Vince Del Valle from Kenmore WA (89)
2nd: Dustin Blauvelt from Redford MI (85.67)
3rd: Sean Malto from Lansing KS (85)
4th: T.J. Sparks from St. Petersburg FL (84.67)
5th: Donovan Piscopo from Covina CA (83.67)
6th: Louie Lopez from Hawthorne CA (83.33)
7th: Torey Pudwill from Simi Valley CA (83)
8th: Ben Gore from Pompano FL (83)
9th: Brendan Keaveny from Valley Center CA (81.67)
10th: Jeff Bauman from Mukwonago WI (81.67)
11th: Chris Troy from Carlsbad CA (81.33)
12th: Daniel Espinoza from Fontana CA (81.33)
13th: Dominic Dietrich from (81)
14th: Micky Papa from Vancouver BC (81)
15th: Chazz Ortiz from Carpentersville IL (80.67)
16th: Lee Yankou from Toronto Ontario, Canada (80.67)
17th: Marius Syvanen from Helsinki Finland/San Diego Ca (80.33)
18th: Alex Mizurov from Germany (80.33)
19th: Gilbert Crockett from Richmond VA (80)
20th: Andrew Pott from Inglewood CA (79.33)
21st: Dominique Johnson from West Palm Beach FL (79.33)
22nd: Sierra Fellers from Whitefish MT (79.33)
23rd: Nick Merlino from Atlantic City NJ (79.33)
24th: Ricardo Paterno from Holland (79)
25th: Tom Rohrer from Minneapolis MN (79)
26th: Jon Goemann from Vista CA (78.67)
27th: Tom Asta from Langhorne PA (78.33)
28th: Dave Abair from St Albans VT (78)
29th: Jarold Webb from Mililani Hawaii (78)
30th: Danny Rosario from Curitiba Parana (78)
31st: Adrian Mallory from San Diego CA (77.67)
32nd: Steve Fauser from Wheeling IL (77.33)
33rd: Sebastiaan Vijverberg from Naaldwiyk Holland (77.33)
34th: Dwayne Galloway from Antioch CA (77.33)
35th: Scotty Moore from Wilmington NC (76.33)
36th: Shaun Stulz from Oceanside CA (76.33)
37th: Austin Kanfoush from Pittsburgh PA (76.33)
38th: Dan Nepscha from Milwaukee WI (76.33)
39th: Tanner Zelinsky from Twainharte CA (76)
40th: Nick Trapasso from Phoenix AZ (76)
41st: Scott DeCenzo from Delta BC Canada (75.67)
42nd: Sean Jeffries from Lakeland FL (75.67)
43rd: Brenten Riley from Pensacola FL (75)
44th: Sean Conover from San Diego CA (75)
45th: Jeff Mikut from Long Beach CA (74)
46th: Jamie Tancowny from Edmonton Alberta (74)
47th: James Hardy from Madison AL (74)
48th: Timmy Knuth from Melbourne FL (73.67)
49th: Cody Davis from Ramsey MN (73.67)
50th: Ben Hatchell from Houston TX (73.67)
51st: Matt Giles from Tampa FL (73.67)
52nd: Dan Plunkett from Buffalo NY (73.33)
53rd: Antoine Asselin from Montreal Quebec (73)
54th: Jared Lee from Waynesville NC (72.33)
55th: Curren Caples from Ventura CA (72)
56th: Windsor James from Colorado Springs CO (72)
57th: Kyle Iles from FL FL (72)
58th: Robert Bemis from Portland OR (71.67)
59th: Willy Akers from Wilmington DE (71.33)
60th: Conhuir Lynn from Belfast Ireland (71.33)
61st: Mario Matabele from Berkely CA (71)
62nd: Brad Cromer from Palm Beach Gardens FL (70.67)
63rd: Brendan Leddy from Perry Maine (70.67)
64th: Aaron Green from Columbia SC (70.67)
65th: Jimmy Mcdonald from Bethesda MD (70.33)
66th: Daryl Angel from San Jose CA (70)
67th: Josh Swyers from Richmond VA (69.33)
68th: Moose ! from Oxnard CA (69)
69th: Chris Coogan from Pensacola FL (68.67)
70th: Ian Gow from Tampa FL (68.67)
71st: Jason Barr from Rice Lake WI (68.33)
72nd: Robert Jovian Lopez-Mont from Guaynabo PR (68.33)
73rd: Drew Dezort from Akron OH (68.33)
74th: Jake Johnson from State College PA (68.33)
75th: Richard Wooten from Greenville SC (68)
76th: Josh "Shortbus" Johnson from Austin TX (68)
77th: Patrice Tremblay from Montreal (67.67)
78th: Aaron Perko from Carpenteria CA (67.67)
79th: Ryan Decenzo from Vancouver B.C. Canada (67.33)
80th: Joseph Siemianowski from Detroit MI (67.33)
81st: Tommy Wisdom from Boston MA (67)
82nd: Bryant Melgar from Nashville TN (66.33)
83rd: Brian "Slash" Hansen from Vista CA (66)
84th: Dave Perry from Vero Beach FL (65.67)
85th: Brandon Boehm from Victoria TX (65.67)
86th: Marisa Del Santo from Chicago IL (65.33)
87th: Dan Carreiro from Worchester Mass (64.67)
88th: Rick Eusey from Indianapolis IN (64.67)
89th: Tommy Gurrola from Bermuda Dunes CA (64.33)
90th: Brian Adams from Ft Meyers FL (63.33)
91st: Nick Heidenreich from (63)
92nd: Bill Pardee from North Augusta SC (62.67)
93rd: Mike Derrick from Portland OR (62.33)
94th: Ryan Holloway from Austin TX (62.33)
95th: Kevin Radley from Atlanta GA (61.33)
96th: Jeffrey Marshall from Huntington Beach CA (61.33)
97th: Abdias Rivera from Tampa FL (60.67)
98th: Jimmy Carlin from San Diego CA (60)
99th: Kyle Terbush from Plainfield IL (59.67)
100th: Jelle Deschout from Torhout (58.33)
101st: Saul Quintero from Chula Vista CA (57.67)
102nd: Lamonzo Coleman from Watts CA (57.67)
103rd: Alex Davis from Cincinatti OH (57.67)
104th: Jared Brantingham from Sarasota FL (57.33)
105th: Chris Meade from Allentown PA (57.33)
106th: Jake Donnelly from Buffalo NY (57)
107th: Nate Compher from Minneapolis MN (56.67)
108th: Mike Espinoza from Springhill FL (56)
109th: Marquise Preston from Palmdale CA (54)
110th: Jonathan Sturgeon from Dallas TX (53)
111th: Dave Kaule from Pittsburgh PA (52)
112th: Shuriken Shannon from San Diego CA (51)
113th: Austyn Gillette from Brea CA (50)
114th: Ryo Sejiri from Tokyo Japan (47.67)
115th: C.J. Tambornino from Minneapolis MN (42.33)
116th: Mike Munzenrider from Minneapolis MN (38.33)
117th: Cody Hale from Underhill VT (36.33)
118th: Tabari Cook from Minneapolis MN (34)
119th: Antwuan Dixon from Carson CA (33)
120th: Nate Humphery from Largo FL (31)
121st: Greg Myers from Hemet CA (29)
122nd: Anton Arratia from Davenport IA (28)
123rd: Jennings Harper from Flint MI (18.33)
124th: Steve Otero from Orlando FL (15.33)
125th: Neilson Warfield from MD (14.33)

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