Schaefer in Copenhagen Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Schaefer in Copenhagen

Posted on Thursday, May 10, 2007 by Brian

Schaefer in Copenhagen
Schaefer is in Copenhagen, Denmark right now rebuilding the street course to get ready for the Copenhagen Pro in June. He sent over a batch of photos along with these notes:
  • Arrived Tuesday and was picked up by Thomas my friend that lived with me in Tampa in 1994
  • Although I don’t give two poops about football other than taking Vern’s (from Listen) money, Thomas picked me up rocking his Tampa Bay Buc’s Jersey
  • Cool pics from the drive around town
  • Chicks on bikes with cell phones
  • Cappuccino with hearts on top - “I think she really loves me”
  • Thomas lives in a really cool place that his girl has hand designed and she loves designer lamps…
  • The skate park has a long way to go for a rebuild, but it will get there so wish me luck
  • Check out Thomas’ Tampa City Star Logo he got while at Tampa Pro
  • I am staying at the Fox Hotel – artist themes in every room, so you can pick which theme may work for you... I had the receptionist pick mine I am feeling like I am in room from Eddie Murphy’s “Coming to America” movie – it is called the, Diamond – The Crown Jewels...
  • I didn’t bring my camera battery charger so this could be the last you hear from me in Copenhagen until we come back here for the event on June 29 - July 1
  • Forgot to mention... Camilla brought me breakfast in bed including a chocolate Danish at 7am this morning...


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