Buenos Tiempos - Schaefer in South America

Posted on Thursday, November 29, 2007 by Brian

By Brian Schaefer

Foot fetish. Adios are everywhere in Chile
Our Tour guide in Chile - best friend that I ever had to pay for. Viva Christian!
Teresa Maria – Our love from Chile with Freddy and I
Freddy’s Place in Chile
Bowl at the skate park in Chile
Random park pics in Chile
Random park pics in Chile
Random park pics in Chile
Random park pics in Chile
Freddy’s half cab at the skate park in Chile
Another frontside grind from me
Cool-ass locals in Chile from the park
Go figure...Hotel Americano, but it ripped
View out of Freddy’s house in Bolivia
Skate park in Bolivia - La Paz - Freddy
Me - skate park in Bolivia
Welcome to Chile. SPoT represent

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