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Copenhagen Day Two and a Half

Posted on Friday, June 29, 2007 by Rob

Copenhagen Day Two and a Half

Camilla's got style

Camilla's got tats

The most righteous bike ever

Did I show you the Park yet? I can't even remember. We've done so much in the last two days

The vert ramp is large and the roll in looks like you can launch into orbit with it

P-Stone has some product to unload to pay for his nightlife

So what goes on in the Copenhagen Gay Center? Do you just chill and be gay? Is it a bar? A store? A hotel? I couldn't tell. DJ Wade and Clements are felling it

While the whole crew at some weird ass viking meat you hack off a spinning stick, I kept it real and dined with Ronald

I'm done for at least two weeks. I rolled my ankle pretty bad at this spot. Now I'm walking all around Europe looking like I crapped my pants with this crazy limp. Lucky I got a 45 pound backpack to lug around also

We piled 17 people into the Copenhagen family truckster and went to some skate park bbq. It's a pretty tight crew. Chico Brenes, Kerry Getz, Steve Berra, Paul Shier, DVS Gabe, and plenty of new friends

There's a vert ramp here and a huge street area

That's a concrete mini-ramp back there

I'm looking forward to seeing Rune Glifberg skate this weekend

They have a great vert scene here

Baby punker kid was just walking around getting autographs from everyone on his gangsta gorilla poster

Jason Rothmeyer - big pivot fakie

Time to pile in the van again. DVS Gabe is the only one laughing here because he's the one that dropped the nuclear stink bomb that almost caused us to pull over

The city provides all these free bikes that you just use as you need them. They're floating around everywhere. I guess they make them as annoying as possible so people don't steal them or something

Every room in our hotel is completely different and designed by a different artist. This is Wade's room with some sort of creepy wall decor going on

Sometimes you gotta bust out the old school math to figure out how much money you're really spending

I limped around town with Schaefer and DJ Wade for a bit and we ended up in this crazy bar with an amazing southern rock cover band. Never thought I'd see a Rebel Flag this far away from home

These band groupies were getting extra loose and naked on stage during the show

Every morning, there's a free breakfast in the hotel. Orange juice, some crumpled up paper looking thing, yogurt, and weirdly sliced fruit. So, I don't eat breakfast. We need to bring Ronald McDonald on the next trip with us

Camilla and Annika made these welcome packs for all the pros which include two warm beers. People don't have issues with warm beer out here


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