Copenhagen Pro 2007 Chill Time Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Copenhagen Pro 2007 Chill Time

Posted on Monday, July 2, 2007 by Rob

Copenhagen Pro 2007 Chill Time
By Rob Meronek

I will forever associate this Three 6 Mafia riot song with the first Copenhagen Pro. We blew it out with this jam all weekend. DJ Wade rips. This a few minutes of random video footage of everything from the vert contest to language struggles with new friends. Warning to the paranoid and uptight people in America: there is bad language in this so don't click it if you have a stick up your butt

Check the Thrasher site for footage from P-Stone. Serisously, he never had his camera without a beer in his hand. I guess I was the same way

Chris Miller, thanks for coming to the Contest. No he is not baked right now, but the spliffs were freely burning all weekend. Paranoid America couldn't even handle how loose yet under control things are here

That's William. He runs the Copenhagen Skatepark and was a big help in getting this event put together. Thank you so much for a very memorable weekend, William

Rune Glifberg won the Vert Contest. That was the craziest Vert Contest I've ever seen

My new friend Carma is Korean, but she grew up here. It's kind of crazy to hear that sexy Euro accent come out of someone looking like my slant eyed self

The girls here are all about the head schrapnel. These girls have their damn neck and cheecks pierced. At least they don't have tramp stamps and boob jobs like America

Where are all the skate photographers in America like this? Can't remember her name, but she's from Finland shooting photos for some magazine out there

If your company sent promo, thanks for hooking it up

The scene on the street course

Yeah I was totally looking for some skrab for my oddset. Was hyped to find this place - ha. Everyone speaks English here but everything is written in Danish craziness

So what's the drinking age again? This little kid was straight up hammered with me after the Contest. That was really weird

Yo dawg, lemme get a sweetdawg

Foot fetish with random new Danish friends

After baby drinker kid slammed a few beers he got on the roof and tried to kickflip into the mini ramp. He took some really hard slams but alcohol had him getting right back up and going for it again

The aftermath from the Contest left behind a ton of Budweiser bottles

David Gravette and William with a politically incorrect fashion accessory, but only in the uptight and paranoid United States

After the Contest, a full blown dance party and chill fest went down in the back parking lot. The Euro Buffalo Stance and the Euro Collin Hale were in attendance

Foot fetish with more new Danish friends

I randomly found this Neckface piece on the streets of Copenhagen. Sick

How often do you see a bus slam into the back of another bus? This accident required a ton of ambulances for all the passengers on the bus that got jacked from this incident

It's a very bike friendly city. That's so you can easily take your bike up and down the stairs

That's the cover of some random local magazine. They are not as afraid of sex as the paranoid and uptight US and A is

P-Stone is going for it

For some reason, fireworks were going off one night. This is right before the crew and I enter the extra shady establishment there on the left for what we've heard is a "Dirty Beer"

This is a sneak attack no flash photo from the Dirty Beer place. This girl uses her glory hole to pour you a beer with the appropriately shaped beer tap. You then remove the appropriately shaped beer tap from her tunnel of love with your mouth. Yes, your mouth. This place was seriously the most crusty and sketchy joint I've ever been in

To my right where you can't see, there's a TV playing porn in this small room you can rent to get your groove on. It was so dirty I was concerned about brushing up against the walls and getting something nasty on me. In another room, there were two guys just sitting in recliners watching porn involving a dog and a girl. Very, very creepy

So we move on to the After-Party and it's slammed beyond belief

Chris Pfanner is a new addition to our one month adventure through Europe. He is joining me, David Gravette, Roberto Aleman, Brian Schaefer, P-Stone, and Joe Hammeke

P-Stone's like, "Yo Rob, I'm gonna show you the dropped smoke trick." He dances with these random girls for a bit while he inches his pants down a little. Then he drops his smoke and lets his pants go and makes it look like an accident. Random girls are not psyched on this, but thanks for the great entertainment, P-Stone

What the hell is a Freak Fadol? Maybe it's the Dirty Beers this local newspaper is referring to

They got Ferrari's with advertising on them here. Wow. It rained all day today again

The champagne was brought out on some kind of viking contraption that had a skinned fox hanging from it

That's Ryan Clements with the skinned fox

Bastien destroyed things and got first in Street

Kerry Getz, Wagner Ramos, Bastien Salabanzi, and Jani all ripped

Good to see that kids kill each other for a deck out here like they do in our product tosses at home

DJ Wade got thrown into the product toss also. See you all next year. It's going to be even better


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