Chill Cam Dump November 2007 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Chill Cam Dump November 2007

Posted on Friday, November 30, 2007 by Rob

That's Brandi from Emerica's marketing department. She's transforming the men's room into the Emerica commode. Her hairless dog waits patiently
Porpe helps with all kinds of stuff around here, including entering waivers. If your waiver is not on file when you come in to skate, maybe it's because I busted Porpe straight up napping at his desk? Wow. He's never going to live this one down
That's a foot fetish with Ryan Dodge. He's a Nike SB rep now and is currently in Portland getting the full Nike immersion. Congrats and good luck, Dodge
This is downtown Tampa. It's a little crusty, but I love every square foot of it
The Hub is in downtown Tampa. It's the capital of all crusty spots to waste your nights away in. I dragged Abdias and Drinker Pat in for a few. Abdias recently got in a fight at The Castle. Look at those knuckles. He gangsta like dat
Wow. Josh Stewart in The Hub is like me being in a church. That just ain't right. He doesn't look too comfortable in this posed party shot
The Ybor City crusty capital is known as Reservoir Bar. Levi's getting his night started off right, or wrong, depending on how you look at it. Shots and a foot fetish
That's Postal Michelle in yet another crusty joint known as the Czar Bar. She's got a wacky lighter
Nick Wilton is getting lit up with Postal Michelle's wacky lighter
Foot fetish with the girls of the crusty Czar Bar
That's Joel from Reax Magazine. You need to thank him for keeping the non-jock music scene alive all across Florida
We had our traditional Thanksgiving night session at the Park. Triptophan makes you slam
We are now back at the crusty Hub having a last drink with Buffalo Stance. She's moving to Miami. Good luck with nine dollar beer night there. Drinker Pat is almost a Hub local now
It's time for a phone fetish. It's so awesome how people still use those vintage phones. Do those old things even use electricity?
Josh is back in The Hub. Wow. He's still learning how to hold a beer so he can fit in
These are some of my old friends I grew up skating with. Well, I'm not grown up yet, but just saying - they're from way back. That's Seth and James T. Cantor. Years ago, Seth had his head run over by a car in a drunken party accident and lived to tell about it. The spicy Puerto Rican is Joanne. She serves strong drinks behind the bar at The Hub
I had to move the logo over those pictures on the wall because boobies are not allowed on this site. We're eating a nice dinner at the Penthouse Gentlemen's Club. You can eat a nice steak while you get a lap dance here from a girl that's been on the cover of Penthouse. Oh, and you can smoke while you eat. Check it out sometime. My friends work there so photos are allowed for us
Now we're at a party at Sean Albright's house. He made a coffin cooler. Pretty damn tight. Water tight, too. That thing doesn't leak
Foot fetish in Sean's floor mirror
Sean's cat has these huge paws and baby cat thumbs like the Hemingway cats in Key West
Tired of these foot fetish shots yet?
I don't remember how this card got in my pocket. I guess I met this girl while hammered. Check the name out. I hope I didn't laugh too hard when she handed this to me. Me rub you rong time!
It was an extra foggy and creepy morning in Tampa today


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