Random Chill Shots From This Week

Posted on Saturday, April 7, 2007 by Rob

Random Chill Shots From This Week

We have some interesting sketchy skateboard industry business meetings here. This one involved a review of some new products we're producing. This first sample of SPoT socks pretty much sucks. Back to the drawing board on these

Drunk Aaron's pup is named Cerveza. He took her to Hooters for Body's birthday earlier this week and of course every girl within a hundred miles melts like butter. This is Jessica. Her boyfriend didn't come home last night and she's making it well known that she's available for some lovin' with a new random stranger

Hooters girls line up for a minute with Cerveza

Melissa is taking a break from behind the bar. Cerveza is psyched

Due to my crazy rib injury, I can't use a backpack right now, but I was going to roll with this new Dakine camera bag that Scott sent over. It's a little smaller than the Ogio Ty bag on the right, which is better for me since I have less gear. The Dakine one opens up from both sides and also fits under an airplane seat. Thanks for hooking up the bag, Scott. We'll have more Dakine stuff in stock soon

Scott sent a Dakine travel back also. This one's sick. See the spots for the shoe nerds there? I pulled the ultimate lazy guy move and went and bought socks and white tees right before this trip just so I could postpone doing laundry a little longer

I wish I could sleep on a plane. Schaefer and Clem have no problem passing out

Much of the trip to San Diego was like flying through a glass of milk

A crazy looking tree. Why did I take a photo of this? I don't know. Actual skate photos are coming soon. I promise

The man made beach in front of our hotel is looking pretty crappy

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