September 2007 Chill Cam Dump

Posted on Wednesday, October 3, 2007 by Rob

By Rob Meronek
Thumbs up from the two crips, Schaefer and Frosty
One Eye Mike has all kinds of tricks with his removable body part
Another One Eye Mike trick. They never get old
Schaefer and I each recently dropped anchor in a new place. His is in Ybor City (right next door to Clements) and mine's in downtown Tampa. It's crazy having this kind of view in a residence in Tampa. I'm two days in and already two noise complaints deep. Can you get kicked out of a place you purchased?
This tag has been showing up everywhere from my local bars to random skate spots. Anyone know what it is?
Identify the people in this photo and win nothing
I ended up at Mike Goodwine and Buffalo Stance's art show the other night. That's Schaefer and Goodwine getting a little loose with Brianna
I was too wasted to buy something. I think Schaefer ended up getting two pieces
Not sure who the artist is on these fine pieces of work
Buffalo Stance had a big hair reduction procedure performed. That's some of her work right there
Foot fetish with Dirty Bucks
I like that piece on the left there. Who did it?
Things were getting bananas at The Hub. I live a block away from The Hub now. Wow, it's all downhill from here. Come join me for a Big Lebowski sometime
More going bananas at The Hub. The random drunks at The Hub definitely give Drunk Aaron a run for his alcohol
Vestal sent over a box of watches for another This or That Giveaway. Watch for that coming up soon. DC also is doing one where you can win the new Ryan Smith shoe
Here's a SPoT Bulletin Board update. Matt Welch seems to be a popular target for comedy on the Board
Mixing business and pleasure since '93. That pretty much sums it up
The Gow family represented by baby zipperheads
What? We're changing the Shop? I'm always the last one to know what's going on here
The cattle corral is now gone
The sketchy skateboard industry bid'niss meetings continue. Right now we've looking over a prototype of a new SPoT product - socks. We got the words "sweet" and "feet" printed on each one as you can see Schaefer modeling them here. What if you mix and match them or put them on backwards? You could have "feet sweet," "feet feet," or "sweet sweet." Dude, sweet. We're going to make the print a little smaller in the final version. Watch for these coming out soon
Dirty Bird has a permanent place on Schaefer's desk. I like Schaefer's power stance during bid'niss meetings

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