Surf Expo September 2007 Chill Time and Nightlife Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Surf Expo September 2007 Chill Time and Nightlife

Posted on Monday, September 17, 2007 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Damn, Pippa's not even 18 yet and going for it on the full chest tats

Pause for a phone fetish with Ryan Kingman from Element

There was a lot of drinkin' on the job going down all weekend

Red Bull Sarah dropped off this care package that got a lot of people completely lit during the day

Lucky the po were there to serve and protect. They're looking extra busy here

Here's a few of the shady characters I was rolling with

Foot fetish with some Savier Tim O'Connors and a SPoT tat

Most Hammered of the Weekend award goes to Jenn Bower. Thanks for the laughs

Jon Mann, Vans Lea, and Bristol. Back off dudes, you're making me jealous

Becky's on the right, Jordan Price is in the sandwich, and I can't remember the girl on the left

Becky's skirt was pretty tight

Got enough of Becky yet? Me neither. Keep scrolling down for more

Bristol took the camera for a bit and it came back with this photo of Alex Bowers after taking a glance at Becky

Looks like Bristol found Becky lurking around the show

DJ Wade is the SPoTlight Family DJ

If we can all nail a 360 flip lipslide in front of thousands of screaming fans, why can't we get a girlfriend? Seen the Sheckler Tat Generator?

DMFP is using up his minutes in his sleep

Thanks to guest MC Darrell Stanton who joined Ryan Clements and Brian Schaefer on the mic

We're getting to the point where almost every SPoTlight Productions shindig is on a live webcast. This time, the West Coast Ragin' Asian, Eugenius, is making it happen

How did this lady get onto the deck of the ramp?

Thanks Becky and fishnet friend for spicing up the skate photos for me


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