Let's Go to Prague

Posted on Saturday, July 14, 2007 by Rob

Let's Go to Prague

Did you know all the issues of The Skateboard Mag put in order like this form these images?

Games of dice start out small with Euro shrapnel, but then quickly escalate to 50 Euro rolls. P-Stone swept all our pockets clean. Roberto had a playing a game with five dice

Berlin might be one of my favorite cities just because of the music scene. Our friend Monika took us to a place with a ripping DJ mixing things like Jay-Z and Dead Prez together which had us all getting down. Lucky P-Stone kept the dropped smoke trick out of the picture this time

We're in the land of the Euro shelf pooper. The toilets are designed so that when you drop a big dook, it just sits there on a shelf in open air with no water until you flush. That causes some serious bathroom blowouts that sometimes take over the entire living quarters

Gravekian found some Euro girls and taught them how to skate

It's a four hour train ride from Berlin to Prague. When you have good candy, apples, sauce, and good company, it feels like it goes by in 30 minutes

DJ P-Stone kept the tunes live as usual. I think this is maybe the 20th photo I have of him filming with a beer. Check out all his work on the Thrasher site

It's tight quarters in the six seaters on the train. Our new American friends June and Emily hung out with Dirty Bird. P-Stone got them both to try Jager for the first time

Grevekian was lucky enough to end up with seats next to these Swedish girls

The Mystic Cup contest is today. I'll be back with some skate photos tomorrow

Willy Akers has gone full lumberjack status. He's been getting around Spain by bicycle for the last few weeks

After the Contest today, Bad $h!t played along with Nihilist. Nihilist covered Creeping Death and finished it up with Ace of Spades. That was a damn good show. Check Dirty Bird on VIP status in the front row

Dirty Bird likes to sniff your butt like a dog

The bet with Thomas Kring and Schaefer over Dirty Bird making all the way back to Tampa is a pretty hefty sum of money. We woke up this morning and Dirty Bird and Roberto were missing. Hopefully they're together somewhere. This is the last photo of the night I have of Dirty Bird

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