Tampa Am January 2008 Mid-Week Chill Cam Dump Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am January 2008 Mid-Week Chill Cam Dump

Posted on Friday, January 18, 2008 by Rob

We had a bunch of old magazines here for the All in the Family show on Thursday night. SPoTlight Head Judge Jason Rothmeyer had the back cover of Transworld back in 1993, the year SPoT was born. Look at that onion head. Wow
Alanna and Derewenko spent a lot of time putting the photos and boards together for the All in the Family show
There wasn't much to choose from in the Shop back then. This photo is from sometime in the mid-90's
Wouldn't you like to be holding one of these awards on Sunday?
Advance group of skateboard? Yeah, that's some proper Engrish right there. Clem has this crew of his Jap pals here for the weekend. They got five dudes in the Contest. We'll see if any of them samurai slice their way into Sunday
Another old photo from the All in the Family show - that's Tony Hawk with who I'm guessing is Riley Hawk
Way back when your dad was cool, we had this room here called "The Charlie Brown Room." We did up the Snack Bar in the same fashion for the All in the Family Show
Seriously, when someone rolls up with the same gear as you, an instant game of rock, paper, scissors needs to go down to see who has to turn their shirt inside out. Barak and Jon Mann don't seem to care
Part of the scene in the bowl warehouse - boxing videos from the flat bottom of the vert ramp back in 1993 kept everyone entertained on the big screen
That's Bob, Darrin, Chunk, and Leonard. They were chiefs of ruckus at SPoT through much of the 90's
More leaders of the old school - Jerry, Bokma, and Chunk
You can never not be all smiles around DJ Wade. Barak knows
This is Matt Welch's first foot fetish. Kevin Coss still has the Peter Cottontail rabbit ear laces going on
A serious phone fetish with vintage Sidekicks. You people need to get real phones
Drunk Aaron and Angel are polar opposites as far as personality goes
Schaefer took a break from ripping in the bowl session. Thanks for the self portrait
Adrian Mallory and Brian Schaefer both got the mean mug
We're bringing hair farming back - Meronek, Bristol, and Derek
Antwuan Dixon does not need to be at the bar right now
Jeffrey Marshall - welcome back to Florida. You'll always be baby Joe Dirt to me no matter how much you clean up and grow up
Nick Matlin should get corn rows on his arms
That's Jona from Hazard County Construction. That front tooth is fake like big boobied California girl's hooters
Old school, meet new school. Jerry and Filmer Sara. Filmer Sara left the teen years behind today. Happy Birthday!
Pause for another foot fetish
Two Nicks, Matlin and Halkias
More generation mixing is going on here. That's Pop Tart and Jerry from generation one and Body and Filmer Sara from generation two
I know I'm getting spolied when I roll up to a dice game and I'm bummed because they're only playing with dollars
I believe Jimmy Carlin here was the chief instigator in the hot dog bun war that's about to erupt
Justin Brock is running for cover in the hot dog bun war
Jon Mann doesn't want to get pelted in the head with a soggy hot dog bun
We had a little trouble leaving because Antwuan jumped on the hood of our car and wouldn't get off
We're gone and still finding the aftermath of the hot dog bun war. Apparently some made it into our vehicle
Now we're at The Senator's Lair also known as The Castle in Ybor City. There was no Senator sighting tonight. That's Blair from Transworld, Scott from Dakine, Keith from NHS, and Craig from CCS - all super bummed because they don't get a photo with The Senator
That's The Senator's dance pedestal. Oliver took it over in his honor. I think Oliver would make a fantastic Senator


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