Lack of Traveling

Posted on Thursday, February 25, 2010 by Ryan

By Ryan Clements

For the past few months we haven't been traveling all that much, so I've really been getting used to spending my weekends at home. Skatepark is as busy as ever for us and we always have something going on, but it's just been a little different without hopping on a plane every other weekend. I'd better embrace it now though because we have a crazy summer coming up. Here's a little of what goes down during a regular week in Tampa...

Believe it or not, Jorge Angel has a Bachelor's Degree. Nice work man.

Right after the ceremony, Jorge hit the booze.

Later that day I worked a bit at the Park and then skated. This was me bringing Frosty his skateboard so he could meet me at a bar near his place for a beer and skate home afterwards.

When I was loading up my bike, this group of kids was psyched on getting a pic of themselves in front of SPoT. This happens pretty regularly and I get stoked every time I see it.

Frosty was like, "Thanks for bringing me my board, but I'm busy weed-whacking my lawn, so have fun at the bar."

This is in the entrance of Frosty's house...pretty sick.

So I went to the bar by myself. If my skateboard was in this picture it would have been a photo of my three favorite things in the world.

Later that night I had some sushi at Samurai Blue, a favorite restaurant of all visitors to the Pro.

Ybor is cool, and despite how much I complain about certain aspects of it, I still love living there.

The next morning I was pulling weeds out front of my place and this dog rolled up and became my best friend in the world, so I gave him the rest of my cat's food.

Then later that day I was getting something at Petsmart for my cat and they had all of these dogs up for adoption out front. It must have been a sign or something, but I stayed disciplined and didn't get one.

A few days later, Jorge and I took the bikes out for a fun ride.

This is just about as cool as Jorge will ever look. Note the dead foliage in the background. We've had a really cold winter here in Florida and a lot of plants have died.

We ended up in Orlando at this thing called Surf Expo that you might have heard of. This is Jim Thiebaud still holding onto being really punk at 40-something.

Scott Koerner was there, too.

Wait a second!?!? Mickey Reyes was there, too? I guess Surf Expo is officially cooler than The Moat Show.

There was plenty of stuff to skate there.

Then I realized that Jeff King was in attendance to do a piece for FUEL TV. Wow, someone must have spent a lot of money getting all of these cool people to attend their show. That's the Official Skatepark of Tampa Videographer, Filmer Joe, there next to Jeff. He must really be coming up, too.

After two hours, Jorge and I had enough, but we ran into a group of friends on the way out.

Right after I snapped this one, a few people over there started yelling, "No photos!"

Heading west back to Tampa on I-4. Florida sunsets are always rad.

Thankfully we weren't heading the other way. This was that week that there was a big-ass sinkhole on I-4 eastbound.