Weekend in Tampa

Posted on Tuesday, March 30, 2010 by Ryan

By Ryan Clements

The weekend after Tampa Pro, Rob went to NYC and I volunteered to photo-document a few things that went on around town since he'd be missing it. Not only has it taken me nearly a week to get around to making this post, but I'm not sure that I did too good of a job on the pictures either. Regardless, I had a fun time that weekend and we don't get too many "normal" weekends in Tampa, so I wanted share the experience.

On Friday afternoon I got a call from a contractor that was working outside in the our parking lot at SPoT. She said, "I think someone is trying to steal one of your ramps." I went out there and found these kids loading up our manny pad that was at the end of the street. I was pretty bummed and explained to them, even though they claimed they weren't stealing, that they most certainly were stealing because we simply had not gotten a chance to put it back into the courtyard since the Pro. In retrospect, next time something like this happens, I'm pressing charges. I did make them move it into the courtyard to avoid this "mistake" again.
That evening I walked over to Muvico Ybor with Jenna and Sarah to watch a screening of Street Dreams for the Gasparilla Independent Film Festival. Yes, they had a red carpet.
Jereme Knibbs with his girl. I always forget her name because they break up every other week.
Skater Profile: Jereme Knibbs
Everyone has been slicking back their hair recently. Not sure the reason for this, but Sean Cullen and Dillow are following suit.
Skater Profile: Ryan Dillow
L to R - We have Frosty getting all Palmetto, Lako chillin', and Keith Works doing what he thinks is cool.
Skater Profile: Frosty The Snowman
That's Chris Z., the director of Street Dreams, doing a Q & A. One of the questions from the crowd was something like, "Out of all the country, why Tampa?" Chris replied, "Tampa Am is iconic...the top of the top." Damn that was nice.
Saturday I spent pretty much all day working on my bedroom. I filmed a show at my house for HGTV a few weeks ago and needed to tie up some loose ends. More on that when the show airs.
I took a break later that evening to watch Schaefer's band, I'll Fight Anyone, play at their practice space. That's where I ran into Chris from The Bricks, Durke from The Bricks, and Durke's girl, Stiffy.
Then I spent a lot of time talking to Matt Welch on the left and Bryon the right. Bryon handled all of the A/V at The Bricks, thus keeping it in the family.
Scott Conklin on bass, Schaefer on drums, and Edwin on guitar and vocals make up I'll Fight Anyone.
Skater Profile: Brian Schaefer
Let's not forget that Schaefer handles the back-up vocals, too.
Skater Profile: Brian Schaefer
When I left the show I rode my bicycle east from downtown on 7th Avenue and stopped in front of the future site of The Bricks for a moment. It's going to be awesome to be able to have drinks in our own place very soon.
This is about two blocks from my house, so I see these crazy guys all of the time. I'm down for whatever you believe. Really, it's fine with me. I just don't need to read your advertisements about it. As strict as Ybor is with businesses, I'm surprised that these guys get away with this. Sometimes they even have a megaphone and read verses from the Bible really loud. That's creepy to me.
On Sunday morning I headed into SPoT to get some work done and saw Wizard in the Shop helping out some new kid that has the potential to become a skateboarder. Let's hope the Wizard cast his spell properly on him.
Skater Profile: Wizard Smoke
Ah...my first beer of the weekend on Sunday night. We went to the closing party of the Gasparilla Independent Film Festival.
There was as much Stella as you wanted to drink.
I know the pic sucks, but this chick was dancing on a glowing block, along with several others around the party. I was digging it.
And these dudes were walking around pouring champagne. Whoa. Jenna and Red Bull Kelly couldn't resist.
Now that's how you end a weekend. Jenna getting down with her new best friend on the dance floor.

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