Good Day Tampa Bay Visits SPoT

Posted on Monday, July 19, 2010 by Stalker

By Stalker Steve

Good Day Tampa Bay, a local Tampa-area morning news show, hit us up about coming out and filming a segment on the Park. We needed to be at the Park at 7:30am to show some presence. I think everyone was a little hesitant about the early rising, including me. And then I read further into the e-mail and saw "free coffee and donuts will be provided."

Let's do this.

By the time I got there, Charlie Belcher and his news team were already in the Park setting up to film. I b-lined to the coffee after not getting too much sleep the night before. Rolling around I saw loads of little guys ready for a fun day of Camp with Wizard and Park locals and Team Riders hanging out waiting to skate.

Here are a few photos from a fun morning.

The best and worst way to start the day. Krispy Kreme. I've been more about bagels and less about donuts lately, believe it or not. Thanks for the free sweets though.
Devin Bagnoli helped Wizard teach Camp all week. Dylan helped Devin learn to play pool in return.
Charlie Belcher and the Fox 13 cameraman getting extreme.
Scotty the Body whipped out this early AM nollie back bigspin wallride for the crowd and my camera.
Skater Profile: Scotty Conley
The scene on the vert ramp.
Wizard Smoke talking with Charlie Belcher about his Camps.
Jereme Knibbs floating backside ollies on the vert ramp.
Skater Profile: Jereme Knibbs
Frosty picked up this old electric chair he found in Ybor City. It's in his garage now. Go over and have a seat sometime.
Our back stock of decks for Boards for Bros. Thanks for everyone's donations.
Devin Bagnoli was just hyped to be out of Daytona Beach for a week skating. Here he is doing an early grab melon.
Skater Profile: Devin Bagnoli