Lunch at The Bricks, Austin's Bowl Mural, and Downtown Tampa Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Lunch at The Bricks, Austin's Bowl Mural, and Downtown Tampa

Posted on Thursday, August 12, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

I was in town for just a couple days before having to head back out to San Diego for ASR this afternoon. While here, I took the lens through three of my favorite places...downtown Tampa, Ybor, and SPoT.

Clearly, not my meal with those raw tomatoes freaking me out right now. Brittany got The Derby. I cannot eat anything that raw tomatoes have touched.
It rains every day/early night here in Tampa this time of year. I went for a stroll with my tripod one night after a storm.
Austin did an amazing piece in the bowl warehouse.
Skater Profile: Austin England
Come check out a film in Tampa Theater sometime and see what it was like when theaters were built with style. Tampa Theater opened in 1926 and still shows films today.
A sign of the times, but also, it's not just record stores going out of business downtown.
This building downtown is like the shag carpet of architecture. The giant gecko is even worse. You don't need to see a photo of that.
Monkey bars for business people.
Skypoint through an alleyway.
Skypoint through palm trees.
Just about Tampa's entire skyline as seen through Curtis Hixon Park.
The Children's Museum.
I never use filters. I guess that would make this glare go away on this photo of UT?
Tampa's Riverwalk.
If you're at The Bricks, try to track down a VIP coaster like this Vans one. Please don't steal.
Chef madness behind the counter at The Bricks.
They're getting ready for a catered event at Tribecca.
Chef Chris says that's goat cheese and crab dip going to the catered event. That's not on the regular menu.
Lunch in progress.
The Clubhouse, sans the offending tomato.
The Bricks chips everytime.
Back in the bowl warehouse at SPoT, Austin put up this amazing mural.


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