Helping Santa's Helpers: Toys for Ta-tas

Posted on Friday, December 17, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

So, once again, we heard the children need our help. How can we not answer the call? Early this morning at 6am, we piled up some skateboard gear to donate and headed over to Toys For Ta-tas.

Here are some photos of us being so good and helping the kids. We donated all kinds of skate stuff to Toys for Ta-tas. Santa's helpers somehow seemed extra excited.

Colin Clark's Footage

Word on the street is that Santa's helpers like $1 tips. Ho, ho, and ho.
As we pull into Santa's tunnel, things are looking more naughty than nice.
These are some agressive Santa helpers.
I wonder what other places he wants to put that thumb?
Santa's helpers are pasty because they're from the North Pole.
We should have just driven away with them in the truck.
Santa's helpers probably don't know how to put together skateboards. Good thing ours are already assembled.
Thank you Santa and helpers. Make sure those toys we dropped off go to a good home.

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