Damn Am Atlanta 2011 Presented by Nike SB

Posted on Wednesday, May 18, 2011 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Finals Footage from Joe Pelham

On Friday night, we had the classic Bowl Jam. CJ Dixon scooped up the no comply disasters.
Skater Profile: CJ Dixon
The Bowl Jam turned into a series of small contests, such as the highest air over the hip. It was like a low stakes game of dice with one and two dollar prizes.
Of course their had to be a meron grab contest over the hip. Timmy Knuth has a good one.
Skater Profile: Timmy Knuth
Dane Vaughn was in on everything all weekend from the street gap to the Finals to the Bowl Jam and even the meron grab contest.
Skater Profile: Dane Vaughn
Marshall LaFrance had them all beat with this tucked up meron to the chest.
Skater Profile: Marshall LaFrance
SPoT local Tyler Hunger is looking good while growing up and now starting to skate Damn Am's. This is a stalefish to fakie. 20 years ago, this was my move. Maybe I should resurrect it.
Skater Profile: Tyler Hunger
I got my camera back from Joe Pelham with this photo on it. There's not much going on for nightlife where we're staying, but if you got a room full of homies, you have a good time regardless.
Skater Profile: Piro Sierra
As part of my anti-old things campaign, the judges used no pens and no paper.
Justin Brock kept things live all weekend.
Skater Profile: Justin Brock
Pang on the mic is part of my anti-old things campaign, announcing the Contest with an electrical device and no paper.
Skater Profile: Jefferson Pang
I hope this kid Jona stuck on the grill skates for free. Thanks for the hot dog.
Justin Drysen is only 15 but he's already got that grown man style and light foot on the board. That's a casual frontside feeble grind.
Skater Profile: Justin Drysen
While skating, Chase Webb always has this look on his face like you told him he won the lottery. That's a frontside nosegrind across.
Skater Profile: Chase Webb
Kyle Berard was ripping in between judging duty. That's a backside tailslide from the quarter to coping extension.
Skater Profile: Kyle Berard
Justin's got a good looking kickflip.
Skater Profile: Justin Drysen
The Independent Best Trick was on that scary bank to bar over there.
Today at this little two dollar and smaller Bowl Jam we had at Damn Am, Ishod Wair showed us how to backside disaster.
Skater Profile: Ishod Wair
Jereme Knibbs, aka Van Manual, is the evil cousin of Van Damme, his hot foot just as swift and quick to the dome. Or hood.
Skater Profile: Jereme Knibbs
Ishod Wair - switch big heel in the Finals to 1st.
Skater Profile: Ishod Wair
Out in the bowl, Marshall LaFrance was showing us what he's got for the coping dance contest. Smith stall, kickflip to front rock? Where's the disco ball for these serious dance moves.
Skater Profile: Marshall LaFrance
After the Bowl Jam, Timmy Knuth and Paul Hart were the last two trying their tricks so Schaefer had them battle it out in an arm wrasslin' match.
Skater Profile: Timmy Knuth
Connor Champion popped his shoulder out during the Finals, but not before getting in this fakie hurricane on the rail.
Skater Profile: Connor Champion
CJ Dixon is part of the Clem-350 crew that drove up from Tampa. Big 'ol pop to bolts on that frontside bigspin.
Skater Profile: CJ Dixon
Kyle Berard continues his destruction when not judging with this first try ollie out to sugarcane on request.
Skater Profile: Kyle Berard
CJ Tambornino has some crazy moves - straight no comply over the pyramid.
Skater Profile: CJ Tambornino
Justin Drysen - kickflip front board.
Skater Profile: Justin Drysen
Marshall LaFrance with two tricks you can most likely do, but can you do them at the same time like this?
Skater Profile: Marshall LaFrance
Paul Hart - nollie half cab heel.
Skater Profile: Paul Hart
Dane Vaughn - frontside half cab flip.
Skater Profile: Dane Vaughn
Chase Webb - switch frontside bigspin.
Skater Profile: Chase Webb
Chase Webb - gap to bluntslide with full lottery winner face.
Skater Profile: Chase Webb
Antonio Massey - fakie ollie switch front board.
Skater Profile: Antonio Massey
Alec Majerus - nollie bigspin back lip.
Skater Profile: Alec Majerus
Antonio Massey - cab back lip.
Skater Profile: Antonio Massey
Jereme Knibbs got in on the Indy Best Trick with this half cab nose manual back 180 out, sketchy landing navigation.
Skater Profile: Jereme Knibbs
Thanks to Red Bull and Ryan King for all the support for what we do and that amazing gap session on Saturday night.
Thanks to Jona for letting us take over Hazard County Skatepark for the weekend.
Skater Profile: Jona Owings
Dane Vaughn got the Zumiez Destroyer Award.
Skater Profile: Dane Vaughn
It's a familiar top three this time around. Get the full results from the Finals here.
Skater Profile: Ishod Wair
With all the flow budgets getting cut these days, you see more dudes from the Contest in the product toss. I'm already looking forward to next year in Atlanta for the second annual. See you there. Get the schedule for the rest of the Damn Ams this year on the SPoTlight Productions site.

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