Gatorade Free Flow Tour 2011 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Gatorade Free Flow Tour 2011

Posted on Tuesday, August 2, 2011 by Porpe

By Porpe

The day started with registration. This is Brennan Campbell, and there is a reason why I chose this headshot to use. Let’s just call this the before picture.
I think this may have been the first time we had a vert contest that wasn't Tampa Am or Tampa Pro.
All the way from Australia we have Poppy Olson doing an early grab backside air.
Leave it to Beaver Fleming to do a trick that I will not even attempt to name.
Austin Gordon has a nice heelflip Indy.
I like to call this the dog pisser.
Clay Kreiner stood out from the group with head high airs like this one.
Here are our top three for Open Vert.
Remember that Brennan Campbell head shot? Well, this is the after picture. He took a nice slam on the bottom of the vert ramp giving him a Curren Caples look.
If you were in this crowd for the Gatorade Free Flow Tour stop at SPoT, thanks for showing up!
The Street Contest started with the 13 & Under Division. Chris Roque the biggest 13-year-old kid I have ever seen. He had no problem skating the small rail, doing this nosegrind with ease.
Landon Swan doing a feeble grind.
Jack O'Grady came all the way from Australia. Here is a proper 360 shuv-it down the seven.
Tyler Hunger is getting good. I bet next time I see him at the Park he will be doing this frontside flip down the seven.
Ryan Hodges was one of my favorites from the 13 & Under Division. Here is a properly done back smith grind.
Here are our top five from the 13 & Under Division.
Anthony Henderson with a bigspin front board.
Clint Beswick with a nollie flip.
When Darrell Gordon isn't delivering sandwiches in downtown Tampa, he is at the park delivering salad grinds.
CJ Dixon is now on Birdhouse. You will see him here with Tony Hawk on August 22nd. Here is a lipslide up and across the flat bar.
It was nice seeing Clements on the mic at one of our events.
Dimitri Rangos with a switch backside tailslide.
Markus Jalaber is a phenom. You should YouTube his name and see what comes up. Here is a bigspin boardslide.
Steven O'Donnell with a backside flip.
Devin Abreu was killing it. Here is a hardflip.
Devin Abreu with a bigflip down the seven.
Here are our top five in the 21 & Under.

Joe Pelham's Footage


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