Empire Backyard Party 2011 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Empire Backyard Party 2011

Posted on Monday, August 29, 2011 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

The line up outside went pretty deep.
Your microphone entertainment comes in English and French.
If you watched the webcast, I hope it was decent. I'm not sure if the camera crew were skaters?
Adam Dyet's got the kickfrip meron down.
In all this chaos, there's a hot tub by the ramp.
Damn, Ben Patterson. Amazing nosegrind around the corner.
Dyet's got autograph hounds. Fix that razor tail, son.
Aquil is one seriously generous dude when it comes to supplying the homies with sauce. Thanks!
Random kids pose with the hot tub girl. Just get in there.
Ryan Decenzo can hold it down on the trannies.
What a scene. It's about 90 degrees in here right now with a rowdy crowd.
Curren Caplies tailsides for Joey Tershay and Yelawolf.
Cameo Wilson has the combination coping dance of the night.
Thanks Eric for having us at your skateboard shindig. It was damn good.
Wow, ollie up to fakie 50-50 on that thing? That's Riley Boland.
Monster ladies, thanks for dressing like that.
I'm creepin' on the thumbs up photo. The thumbs up is creepin' on the Monster ladies. Congrats Best Trick winners.
Andrew Langi won the damn thing.
Oh, it's Lower Mangagement. That means the show's about to begin.
Yelawolf was in the mix on the mic. Those kids are so hyped.
Thanks for the damn good show, Catfish Billy.
We didn't have much time to lurk the streets of Montreal due to a 4am wake up call for a 7am flight back home. Look at that dropped Impala. They gangsta up there.
They have a nice public bike rental system where you put in a credit card to use a bike then drop it back off at any other part of town where there's one of these racks. That's a nice quality of a real city. Good-bye, Montreal. We'll be back.

Montreal for the Empire Backyard Party with Yelawolf and Three 6 Mafia

Nearly half of this video is Yelawolf's show after the Contest. It was right on the deck of the ramp in front of a super hyped crew of skate rats. Here's a summary of our 48 hours in Montreal shot and edited on my iPhone.


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