Maloof Money Cup South Africa 2011 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Maloof Money Cup South Africa 2011

Posted on Wednesday, October 5, 2011 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

We got an interesting show at the Opening Ceremonies.
When they were asking Joe Maloof about the Contest, he predicted that a South African would one day win a Maloof Money Cup. That came real close to happening when Tommy Fynn ended up in the Final bracket.
This is about a quarter of the super hyped crowd.
They have the coolest security in the world here in South Africa. None of them have the Jocko Bifarellie power trip going on like the US and Australia.
Schaefer introducing all the skaters on stage.
I want to make something like this for a Halloween costume.
Sam Khumalo ripped in the Open Qualifier and got a spot in the South African Am. Gap to front truck scrape is a favorite on this rail.
Khulu Dlamini suffered through heel bruise to make this kickflip in the last minute of his Jam in the South African Am Contest.
Braxton Hane - frontside bluntslide to 2nd place in the South African Am.
Braxton Hane, Byron Rhoda, Quinty Robertson, and Sam Khumalo all made the cut to skate in the South African Am.
Over on the U, SPoTlight judge John Muldoon is getting a vert session in with this frontside tailgrab.
Alex Perelson won the vert portion of the Contest. As you can see he can only grab with his front hand. I've never seen a slob air look that good.
All I can think is NASCAR when I see a Red Bull helmet. That's Pedro Barros on a big backside grab 540.
When I heard Bob was out there doing switch bonelesses, I didn't think he'd be boosting them like this looking fully regs. Damn.
All around the world, skaters make the best of what crusty spots they have.
People came from all over South Africa to see the Contest. The tent city next to the park was huge.
This Contest was a mix of new, old, and caveman technology to make it work behind the scenes.
Evan Smith's got the gap to truck scrape on that scary thing.
Wow, Evan Smith, that is no simple combo - nollie backside 180 switch 5-0 to switch shuvs out.
I wonder if the South Africans know what a Canadian Tuxedo is. Bobby Worrest shows them that and a 5-0.
Garrett Hill - pop shuv down the four block.
Seems like Ronnie Creager will be jumping the big stuff forever. That's a kickflip.
Kurtis Colamonico had to face his fellow team rider Manny Santiago in the first round of the Finals. Kurtis and his kickflips down the four block ended up advancing.
Bobby Worrest - gap to boardslide.
Reynold's just missed the cut by one place. He kickflipped into that melon grab to fakie.
You heard Paul Zitzer on the mic all weekend. During a break in work, he got in some runs on the Mini-Mega.
The Editor put Dooner on the cover.
Judges were James Craig, John Muldoon, and Jason Rothmeyer. Dooner, please wear shoes to work next time, even if we're in South Africa.
Thabo Nage - switch frontsdie 180 in the South African Am.
Braxton Hane - backside 180 in the South African Am.
We first met Jean-Marc Johannes in Amsterdam earlier this year. He's from Cape Town here in South Africa. Maybe we'll stop by your place next year, Jean-Marc. That's a frontside flip melong gab contest make right at the end of the Jam in the South African Am.
Justus Kotze won the South African Am Contest. Are we doing to see you in Tampa, Justus?
We hold signs up for support. Over there, they hold strange animals. What is that, a Chupacabra?
Lizard King - gap to quick front board.
Ryan Decenzo - kickflip over the rock gap.
Lizard King's kickflips are insane.
Nick Merlino was one of many that made it a family trip for this treck half way around the world. He was rolling with his dad this time around. I don't think Pops got a switch flip like that, though.
Tommy Fynn's backside 180 nosegrinds are looking so good. He kickflips into them on the other hubba.
Tommy Fynn's backside noseblunt right at the end of the Jam in the Finals is probably what got him to the next round.
More people need to do the frontside noseslide. That's a damn good looking trick. Tommy's got a kickflip into it.
Billy Marks wasn't there, but he was getting shout outs from Andrew Cannon.
Vern and Lil John both went the black and white gear route today.
Daytime microphone staff with nighttime microphone staff. Paul Zitzer, Vern Laird, Lil John, and Brian Schaefer.
Congrats, Ishod!
Now it's time to go drink some of that sauce instead of spray it on people.
Lizard King made a lot of fans this weekend.
Nick Merlino, see you at the next one.
Andrew Cannon and James Craig. One has no drink and one has a six pack. We can all still hang out at the bar together.
The happiest dude in South Africa right now.
Thanks again for having us help with your event, Mark. If you sing a song to people, maybe they'll get off the course quicker?
Andy MacDonald, Ian Berry the Fallen TM, and Schaefer. And that's the last of my camera dumps. It's about to be a long series of flights back home tomorrow morning.

Maloof Money Cup South Africa: My Weekend in Five Minutes

Over the course of five days in Kimberley, South Africa for the Maloof Money Cup, I had my phone out and was piecing together this edit of everything from our arrival into town for sheephead and chicken feet dinner with our new friends to working at the contest and watching the Finals.

Live Webcast: Vert Contest


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