Boards for Bros 2011 Christmas Eve Distribution

Posted on Sunday, December 25, 2011 by Porpe

By Jorge Angel

The man with the plan is still rocking the corn rows. The 80 boards you see behind him were gone within in minutes. We had to return to get more.
Wit E Beats loves sneakers and helping out the kids. Thanks for coming and distributing boards with us.
T4-Prez was more than happy to be Santa.
Yes, half of the Shaqueefa crew was in attendance to hand out skateboards to the kids. We were 45 minutes late, but this time I think it is safe to say that it is better late than never.
We were on our way to Sulfer Springs when we noticed the grocery store down the street was having a toy drive. We pulled in the parking lot, and before you know it 80 skateboards were gone.
You never know, I just might see these four kids years from now taking a road trip to Damn Am Atlanta.
I don't know who is happier here, the mom or the kid?
The dad is definitely more hyped than the kid in this photo. That is until he lands his first kickflip.
Boards for Bros gives skateboards to both boys and girls.
Clements was surprised to see Dumpster Ted who works for the City of Tampa Waste Department. He has been dumping our trash since day one.
These three little dudes were running around their apartment complex. Hopefully, they will now be pushing around.
As soon as we gave these kids skateboards, they were bombing a small downhill sidewalk.
An Anti-Hero board with some new Indy trucks would bring a smile to my face too.
The parents love Santa too!
For a second, I thought this way JJ Sharkey.
I wish I was this young when I started skating.
These four lucky kids got the last four boards we had to give away. I wish I could do this everyday. Looking forward to creating more new skateboarders in the future.

HiDefJoe Footage

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