Element Session at SPoT Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Element Session at SPoT

Posted on Tuesday, January 10, 2012 by Rob

Words and Photos by Rob Meronek
Footage by Joe Pelham

HiDefJoe Footage

Sometimes when you "hail Mary" it, you get a shocker and actually make it, your jaw dragging on the ground as you roll away, arms in the air. That happened a few times during the Best Trick Contest we had with the Nyjah Huston, Evan Smith, and Levi Brown as judges during the Skate With the Element Team session at Skatepark of Tampa. Thanks to everyone that stopped by and to the Element Team that hung out all afternoon with everyone.
Starting out with a Who Dat? Sorry I didn't get your name. In addition to this smith grind, Mr. Dat had a nice 360 flip down the stairs here, too.
Devin Bagnoli's grown man legs are coming in and he's now got multiple stunts over the rail like hardflips and this frontside flip.
Damn, another name I didn't get. This little tough guy took one straight to the hip shortly before getting back up and making this frontside nosegrind. Update: It's Ollie Tawoosi.
Levi Brown needs more gap for his king-sized bigspin.
Levi Brown - frontside flip up.
In HiDefJoe's footage where Levi talks about seeing new tricks, this fakie bigspin frontside boardslide by RayRay was one of them.
Before the microphone banter, the MC puts down some skateboard banter.
I think I have about a 1,000 frames of Chuckie here going for it all day on this varial flip. He never made it, but got honorable mention for a valiant effort. He's got the Take a Poop for now, but we'll get this next time.
Are you in there?
Had to log a new one for MeAndPorpe.com. I went through a tough internal struggle on what column to put Nyjah in.
Levi Brown, Evan Smith, and Nyjah Huston not only helped judge, but had some words for the mic, too.
I think Mike Waters was definitely the biggest Nyjah fan here.
See the hat flying off? That's Anthony Henderson getting rocked by a collision at the bottom of the rail.
Brian Adams shut down the second half of the Best Trick Contest with this perfect switch 360 flip.
Nyjah was digging into his own wallet the entire time to hand out 10's, 20's, and 50's for tricks he liked.
When Nyjah gives you some money, you hand it right back to him and get the John Hancock.
Evan Smith and Papa Smith in the back by Innetech.
And there's the results. Thanks for coming ya'll!
Thanks Nyjah Huston, Donny Barley, Levi Brown, and Evan Smith for stopping by to skate and hang out on Sunday. Nyjah had a busted knee so he couldn't skate, but was a champ hanging out with the swarm of kids fanning out on him. This dude here drew that at the demo. The scribble next to it is Nyjah's doctor style signature.


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